Cubic Equation

A simple continuation of cubes form the interface of this concept. The formation of blocks are set in a strong, black IP coated stainless steel case.

The numbered time display is easy to calculate and the units of time are reinforced by a clear color code; hours in blue, five minute intervals in yellow and single minutes 1-4 in green. The position of these correspond to a similar position to numbers on a clock face.

Subtle random differences in the height of the acrylic cubes on the face break the symmetry of the design and give a video game image.

23 thoughts on “Cubic Equation”

  1. Since the watch face is already in different heights. It will be nice if the time can be activated through the usage of the watch face buttons instead of the old button A. This would certainly bring out an effect of the user as if he is really doing a cubic equation on his watch when he wants to look at the time.

    The watch can add in 5 random animations. On top of that the watch can have 5 animation effect when the watch is not active just like what is seen on Barcode or Kisai watches.


    1. This would be possible but best would need to make in all plastic which will cheapen the design. Depends on what you would like, metal with buttons on the side, or all plastic with parts of the lens having the buttons incorporated into it. Also water resistance maybe sacrificed when having this button. Anything is possible if we had endless resources though. Thanks for the input! Keep them coming.


    2. i see what your saying, but is it possible to continue with dorraj’s concept but instead of it being a button could it be a touch sensitive block, or a light sensor? you already have a blank block in the middle.


  2. love the concept. would definitely go on my buy-list.
    something that would enrichen this concept: a small application (local installation or online) with which you could programm a customized pattern onto your watch, to be displayed as animation.


  3. That is sweet and easy to read, but I don’t know if it’s just me, but the green looks to much like that yellow, but I know that colors may look a bit strange under acrylic material, so maybe if you make the single minutes red, it would look better or not…


    1. Yeah, I like red too, but i’m not even sure if different colors are needed as it’s quite straightforward to read. I would like one single color with the option to change the color like on Scramble or Progression.


  4. I love the economy of this design, very simple yet interesting due to the varying heights of the acrylic cubes, as well as maintaining the pattern around the wrist band. However I think there should be a half bevel at the top and bottom of each of the links in the band to match the width wise grooves in the middle of the link, helping to further continue the pattern along the band, making it harder to differentiate the individual links and increasing the entire watch’s overall continuity.

    I agree with Ace about the LED color palette. Nothing wrong with mixing warm and cool colors, but I think blue, green and yellow are too close to each other and look awkward. Red, green and blue might be a better choice if the watch is designed to give a video game type impression, or perhaps a simple 3 color warm palette with red, orange and yellow as well as a 3 color cool combination of green, blue and purple. We love being able to have choices when it comes to the LED colors because it makes our watch more personal!


    1. We’ll try some colour combinations like you recommended and see how they look. I am sure this could be improved on. Regarding the 1/2 bevel it would make it more keyboard like, is that what you mean? Or a more subtle bevel? Thanks for the feedback!


    2. It’s hard for me to describe in text so I made a pdf rendering!

      Basically the links in the current design of the band break the square pattern from the face of the watch, turning it into a rectangular pattern. With a small bevel on each end of the link, the square pattern would be continued along the length of the band. Hope the pdf helps!


  5. I think it is very original, although I am not sure I would buy it. I really like the height differences in the cubes though, that really makes it distinct. As always I would suggest a day and date feature. I agree with Ace that some red may be good.


  6. I love this design. It is both modern and a little retro. I would purchase this watch in a heartbeat. I do like the blue/green/yellow color palette. Blue/Green/Purple would be a nice combination as well.


  7. What colour LEDs would you prefer, Multi colour, One colour, and if mixed what combination? Thanks for your comments.


  8. Love all the buttons, and there SHOULD be as many colors as possible. Don’t leave out Red. And don’t have a blank space in the middle. I’d buy one of these in a heartbeat….

    Hey one other thing, Tokyoflash: I bought one of the Kyokusen watches more than a year ago, and I need a new watchband (the gray type). I emailed your customer service people and never got a response.
    What’s going on here? You have great products….please talk to your customers…. Thanks.


    1. Yes, that would be easy to add, as well as a Date indicator. That all could be worked into the design. Thanks for you comments.


  9. This watch reminds me of a bingo board. I dont mean that in a bad way, just the first thing that came to mind when i looked at the face. I like the raised design of the face. the fact that it’s not smooth makes for an interesting change in what most watch faces look like. I think that the color scheme could be a little different. The colors you’ve chosen seem to be a little on the neutral side. I think that bright, vibrant colors would really set this watch off. bright red’s or neon type colors such as green or blue. something that is bright and will let the user of the watch know that the little squares arent in fact the same height as the others. this is a nice watch style. good job as usual.


  10. I hope that before the time is called the face will be flat. But when I call for the time, say if it is 11:25, the buttons 11 and 25 will stand up with the lights on these 2 buttons.

    Also the inactive animations will have the buttons moving together with the lights.

    That is if this is even possible.

    Of course durability of the watch should be taken into account should this idea is adopted.


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