Barcoded Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This unique watch design from Laszlo could be made in LED or e-paper – both making strong and solid statements.  Date and time are displayed in barcodes and digits.  Barcode is changing every second showing the actual time including the seconds.  Straps and casing are made from stainless steel which enhances the barcoded watch face.

It is simplicity and boldness perfectly combined into one matchless design.

18 thoughts on “Barcoded Watch Design”

  1. Stunning simplicity. Love the e-paper idea… would be a nice addition to the Tokyoflash line. I have an e-paper watch that allows you to reverse the display with the touch of a button (white becomes black and black becomes white). That would be a nice added feature here.

    I’d buy this in a minute! Nice work, Laszlo!


  2. I seriously adore this watch! E-paper would be awesome but I wonder how it would look like with LED (maybe with the barcodes and numbers glowing on a black screen). Either way, I hope Tokyoflash will make it. Please!


  3. once had a desktop clock telling the time in barcode (it was binary, though, but had a built in interpreter to standard 24h). loved it to death.
    and loving this design, too!
    it’s clean, stylish, well implemented and simple but intriguing. great job.


  4. We actually made a similar design 4 years ago, but it was just one barcode, and the digits below had the time, date year etc in numbers below the barcode itself as well we had the bars represent time, fatter bars were hours, smaller ones 5 minutes I think and thin lines single minutes. We bailed on production as the LCD factory was not good. This design very visually appealing, much more so than the sample we got.


    1. Judging by how nice this design looks, I’d say it is definitely time for Tokyoflash to have another try at making a barcode watch!


  5. Nice work and I like the idea but I wouldn’t really want a barcode on my wrist. Would be a nice fit for e-paper, you’re right.


  6. i think i would not wear this watch :’( if i walk into a super market i will have to be scanned before i leave hahahehehehhee


  7. Please please please is there any chance of this watch coming out before Christmas??? I’d love to get a watch like this espeically on e-paper for my fiance as a christmas present. That would go very well with his Kindle.


  8. This is a really cool watch! Very modest yet very eye-catching…

    I’d prefer the time in the middle of the screen, with the calendar beneath.


  9. おもしろいですね!どうせやるんだったら2段じゃなくて1段にして、長細いデザインにしたほうがイメージに合うのかなって。あと、バーコード自体がカジュアルなイメージだから、重そうな金属のケースじゃなくて、プラスチックとかにしたほうがいいかも。


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