Interconnected LEDs Watch Design

Design submitted by Jon from the USA.

This watch design consists of several interconnected squares, each with protruding outer corners.   Each corner represents 1 hour (the missing corner indicates the hour time).  The red dots in the middle stand for 10 minutes each, the top middle green dot stands for 5 minutes, and the rest of the green dots on the bottom row stand for 1 minute.  The yellow dots show whether is is AM or PM.

A date function can be added where the hour indicator will designate the month, the middle three red dots designate the tens digit of the day, and the yellow, green, and blue dots designate the ones digit of the day.

6 thoughts on “Interconnected LEDs Watch Design”

  1. Oh this is a bit to hard to read I believe. Well I’m critical towards counting so I cannot speak for everyone :) The hours are ok. But the minutes… 10-5-1 takes a while to count and calculate. Besided the difficulty, the display looks good. Clever idea to let 9 squares overlap and use the intersections to place LEDs.


    1. Hmm… if 10-5-1 takes too long, I guess we could make it the similar to the date layout, where the 5 reds will be 10 minutes each and all the rest would be 1 minute. And if that were the case, all the used-to-be green dots could all be in the same row.


  2. This reminds me of Logan designs. It might look cool if the glass had levels to it. Would look like some Mayan pyramid.


  3. I would prefer a rectangular case, just like tokyo flash showed it, not an octogonal one. The display looks nice. Maybe black on white is better. Time telling is too hard for me. Nice job with potential.


  4. Yeah, a bit hard to read was my first impression too. It’s a great design though and I like the shape of the display, just needs refining in how the time is read in my humble opinion.


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