Time in Circles Watch Concept

Design submitted by Stefano from Italy.

Circled, as Stefano has named it, is a watch that works with the LEDs arranged in a ring.  Time is read from the innermost circle through the outer circles.

First two inside rings are for the hours and the outer two rings are for minutes.  Each number is represented by a different LED color which makes the whole watch colorful in contrast to the watch’s traditional and classic look.

9 thoughts on “Time in Circles Watch Concept”

  1. That’s a very nice design. This one is muuuuch better than your other one. This four handed led watch is cool because: colorful leds, easy to read, still unusual looking. Maybe tokyo flash find a more modern shell for your cool design. Very good work!


  2. I really like you idea! Totally produce-worthy! Not too extravagant, just a simple, easy to read and good looking watch :D


    1. the only similarity is the dots (no patent there) and the rainbow colors (definitely no patent there). the solsuno is ugly compared to this one. the solsuno works traditional (12h, 60min, 60sec) this one doesn’t. the solsuno has different sized dots wich are arranged not as strict and cool like in this one…
      this one is not a copy of the solsuno. its not a total reinvention of time reading but a nice unusual combination of elements.


  3. 時間の表示がおもしろいかも。それぞれのドットと対応してる数字も一緒に光るから意外と読みやすそうだし。ただ惜しいのは、デザインが普通すぎてつまらないから、もうちょいなんとかしてほしい。


  4. Has your previous design Stephano, great job but I find this design a bit too regular for me. I can of expect out of the box ideas from tokyoflash watches.


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