3D Unlimited Variations

A concept design from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

A revision on the 3D Unlimited concept sees the interface transferred into a round case and a hexagonal case. This design could have a colored LCD panel, to ensure that the time is “always on” and readable at a glance. 4 digits of time are simply woven into the display in a 3D effect.

The question is, which would you rather wear: “A”: a hexagonal case design or “B”: a round case design? Let us know A or B in the comments section below and don’t forget to check “yes or no” to let us know if you would buy this design.

25 thoughts on “3D Unlimited Variations”

  1. I would buy this design, as long as it is not too large, and if the display can be a different color like gray, blue or purple. Because the display takes up much of the screen, that green color becomes more prominent on the watch, and that shade of green does not go with much.
    I would definitely choose design A.
    I also really like that fact that time would be “always on”. That is a big selling point for me.


  2. Oh, I really like this design. Unusual but fun and straightforward to read but a little cryptic. I don’t mind the green display but I would prefer blue. If this was a choice in a store, I think I would choose A, it’s an unusual shape but I like it.


  3. A.

    However I am not sure I would buy it without a day/date feature. I do like the idea of being able to tell the time at a glance which would mean it is always on. Also as someone mentioned above, changing the colour as an option would also be good. Overall, the previous cube design you had suggested is more striking in appearance than this new effect.


  4. Hmm, you put the 3D Unlimited in the case of the Night Vision, and frankly I liked the Night Vision better. But if I have to pick between A and B, I would say A, hands down, the design just doesn’t look right in the round case.


  5. “A” for sure. It makes the 3D effect pop a bit better then the round. Simple and clean I would buy. More colors!


  6. love love loveeeeee this! i would love either or i can’t decide :S
    please please please tell me this is going to become a real watch, i will definitely buy this!!
    i love the RPM watch too, bought it right away the day it came out


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