Segment Your Time Watch Design

Design submitted by Stefano from Italy.

Stefano says “divide a square into 29 triangles and this is the ideal number to represent the time.” A geometric concept that divides the time into hour and minute segments using triangles. Quite a simple design that needs a little calculation to read, but we’re sure this wouldn’t take long once you get the hang of it. It appears that the display would be made up of either LCD cubes or digital tube LEDs with a silk screen over the top to show the triangular effect. Let Stefan know what you think about his design and whether you’d wear it.

4 thoughts on “Segment Your Time Watch Design”

  1. That’s a hot fashionable object! It is interesting, it looks like my submission. It is harder to read though, but I believe there are people who prefer it cryptical. This is a controversial watch to me… buyworthy for the aesthetics but inconvenient in time telling… Nevertheless, good work!


  2. You’re right sam. It looks so sexy and there are alot of people out there who fancy decrypting. Imaginable watch design.


  3. Tis a bit hard to read yes. I like the laser style effect on the screen though, that’s funky! I also like the retro 80’s style strap. Straight off the wrist of a Wall Street banker.


  4. I love the display and the design!
    Too bad the way it tells the times is not perfect. It seems some light areas are never used to tell the time no?


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