LED Bars Concept Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo’s concepts just get better and better. This is another beautifully presented idea, the design shows hours 1-12 on the left, five minute groups on the lower right and four single LEDs on the upper right block. Straight forward to read and rendered in a bracelet style. This could be made of stainless steel, aluminium or another material – perhaps something that is light weight.

How do you feel about this concept? Let Laszlo know if you have any ideas on how this could be improved & if you would like to see this particular design become reality – vote below!

27 thoughts on “LED Bars Concept Watch Design”

  1. Wow another imaginable watch design by Laszlo! At least one of your watches has to be made in my opinion. Good luck!


    1. How about adding thin horizontal lines between triples of bars? Then counting would be easier. That would be three hours groups or 15 minutes groups. The lines could look like the divisions of the straps. :)


  2. excellent job Laslo. All your concepts are in full force. They have some power inside. Very TOKYOFLASY !


  3. Laszlo, you really have the minimal-but-striking style mastered! And you’ve even mocked-up the packaging! All I could suggest is that this would work really well with a light-up animation and that I’d really like to see a version in black with green LEDs (but that’s just my personal preference).

    Keep it up!


  4. A breath-taking simplicity! Holy, I just fell in love with that black & red beauty! I have immediately understood the time displayed, although the explaining chart was to be scrolled from below of the screen.


  5. Hi Laszlo,

    You are close to getting one or more of your designs chosen. We appreciate your persistence and constant improvements in your designs. It seems you are learning what it takes to make a popular design. Keep it up and we will be looking into the stats and see how you fair against other designs. This one looks great!


    Tokyoflash Design Studio.


  6. Love it! Great design. Hope to det the chance to have one soon. ICing know if it’s possible but would be cool to have a stopwatch feature with that LED design.


  7. fantastic idea. I love how it flows almost seemlessly into the watch face from the wrist. It is hard to find a watch that has a seemless flow to it.


  8. Hi Laszlo

    I’m very proud of you, because I’m Hungarian, too :)
    Your watch is amazing beautiful. I bought a Kisai Satellite model today, but if yours model will be available, I will buy a Laszlo’s model and than invite you for a beer, if you live in Hungary : )

    Best regards



  9. Thanks Maestro for the addition of your newest masterpiece! I like the minimalist, yet futuristic design and as far as I can tell the production of this pretty thing would make a lot of people happy. Tokyoflash, please hear us out and let this one be the perfect gift for Christmas!


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