Kyodaina USB Memory Concept LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

An interesting asymmetrical concept design from Laszlo that has integrated USB memory.  This allows the battery to be charged easily and in addition allows 8GB of memory can be achieved.

12 LEDs in the top section indicate hours, (1 LED stands for 1 hour), 11 LEDs in the middle section indicates minutes in groups of 5 (1 LED stands for 5 minutes) and the 4 LEDs in the bottom indicate minutes (1 LED stands for 1 minute).

An interesting development from Laszlo’s previous concepts is that this design includes recharging and USB memory. Is this something that you would like to see incorporated in a design? How do you feel about the asymmetrical design and color schemes? We would be interested to hear your feedback.

23 thoughts on “Kyodaina USB Memory Concept LED Watch Design”

  1. That’s a good looking watch! My only little concern is, I mirror the display and let the LEDs start from the right and grow to the left, open part. Good work!


      1. Oh I didn’t make myself clear :) This watch is very cool. If the LEDs progress from the right to the left, it would be even cooler. But thats taste. I would wear it anyway.


  2. Laszlo, i’m your biggest fan! Love this design, the images are beautiful and the LED colors are vivid and appealing. I like the simplicity that makes up the display, it looks kind of like a solar panel in the black section of unlit LEDs.

    I really quite like the bracelet with a combination of black and silver. I have recently seen this in other watch designs, combinations of coating & even materials to make up a strap. The asymmetrical case doesn’t push out too far so I don’t think it would be a problem for right handed watch wearers.

    The USB memory is a nice touch too and is probably easy to incorporate. I would personally like this added feature. In fact, it would be cool if you could unclip the rectangular section with lights and just plus it into your USB port like a memory stick for charging or for accessing files.

    Building on this, you could have different colored display options and maybe the option to buy blue, red, green, LCD maybe for different situations, LCD for work or blue LED for clubbing – different colors for different moods.


  3. Wow, another clear and simple design from Laszlo!
    As some ppl said the changeable led color would be option. The 8GB memory could be optional for those who already have easy-to-bring usb sticks (btw you can use your watch’s memory only by using an external cable and the cable itself occupies more room than a usual usb stick).


  4. A clear and simple design. It’s complex enough to look sophisticated and cool, yet it’s design doesn’t become overly complex in its pursuit of individuality. I love it when a watch comes out that I can easily get used to reading, but is still cryptic enough to dazzle. This watch does just that. The added USB functionality is a definite plus considering in my line of work I’m constantly transfering files via USB. Style, flare, functionality. This watch has it all.


  5. I wonder when are people going to start realizing that not everyone likes the 5-minute groups designs? Just because an analog wall clock divides the 60 minutes in 12 groups of 5 is not enough to justify it. We count in decimal and not in pentimal, so groups of 10 are much easier to read, because you don’t have to count. In some designs this is hard to do because of limitations, but in this case it would be very easy.


  6. i have a ibiza ride i bought years ago & have been waiting for another watch to catch my eye to replace my aging ibiza ride.

    this is that watch….I WANT!!


  7. Another great idea from the Hungarian watch master!
    Congrats, dude, you managed to create an another well designed gadget!
    I like the idea of wearing my pendrive and watch on my wrist at the same time. It would be great to connect the watch to my PC without a cable and to have high speed memory ICs integrated. Tokyoflash, I really look forward wearing this beauty on my wrist!


  8. one thing i thought might make it better…have the 6th hour a different color so its easier to read. my ibiza ride has that & it makes reading the hours a lot easier.


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