LCD Enigma Watch Design – Can You Work It Out?

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

An LCD concept with an LED backlight. The way the time is read is the same as the Tokyoflash Ni watch and the animation used creates a cryptic puzzle effect.

The number in the first line indicates hour x2, the number in the second line indicates a single hour, a combination presenting the current hour. Groups of 10 minutes are presented on the third line and single minutes on the fourth and fifth numbers. This is all presented in a display that appears like a normal digital reading but is actually really cryptic.

11 thoughts on “LCD Enigma Watch Design – Can You Work It Out?”

  1. This guy, Laszlo should be heavyly rewarded for his work, I think none of his peers are as good as he is in good,doable and saleable designs.Kick me if I’m wrong !!!


  2. Nice design! But if you need the same machine used to crack the enigma code to read this watch, then i’m out!

    Can imagine being drunk one night and just failing totally to read the time!


  3. I think this watch is a little unbalanced. One one hand you have these plain numbers (simple, actually easy, almost boring) on the other hand you have this counting system (difficult, confusing, takes time). I think your other watches are more consequent with their rectangles/triangles wich have to be counted. Less confusion there. Im normally optimistc in this blog, but i think this watch is overrated. The case and straps are cool, but thats not enough.


  4. Read the previous posts, everyone a lot of math on this watch. But this is not the first hours of what Laszlo did. A lot of options to choose from. I hope soon to also respond to TF Laszlo watches from now.. In my opinion, this is a cool watch.


  5. Hmmm, I would have put more emphasis on the enigma topic… More like a number lock it like this:


    and then dividing the rows by a thin horizontal line. On a number lock you often see all the before and after numbers. The watch design is really cool. But the the display is just big and has five numbers. But that’s just taste ;)


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