Cool Celtic Knot Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: “The LEDs are displayed in the layout of  a Celtic knot. Made of steel with a silver or black coating and a tri-color or monochrome display.The LEDs are covered with a screen-printed mineral glass lens, giving a fixed contour to the Celtic knot. The time is displayed in three phases for the easier readability.

8 thoughts on “Cool Celtic Knot Watch Design”

  1. I’m sorry, but this way of displaying time is just waaaay to complicated to be practical. Aside from having to remember which knot-piece has what meaning, you also have to look very closely and count, multiply and whatever. I really don’t think this will catch on. I unfortunately can’t come up with a better way to show the time using this design either…

    About the design itself: It’s pretty cool. Not my style, but I’m sure there are people out there going: Wow, that’s right up my alley.


  2. I agree this doesn’t seems easy to read the time. And the design taste is quite special on this one too. The pattern on the strap looks interesting though!

    Keep it up Laszlo!


  3. Auch diese Uhr finde ich super, allerding die mit der farbigen ANzeige. Bin gespannt, ob sie es schafft in die Produktion.


  4. This one is too complicated in reading and too vivid in style for me. But it is good designed, so i understand people who like it.


  5. Reading of this display would not be harder then Tokyoflash NI watch. I’m using NI and can read them instantly now.


  6. I think it is not difficult to read than any other similar hours. A fantastic display and the overall effect of the bracelet.


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