The Ring Concept Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

With a display in the style of a ring, this watch design is shown with three LED colour options, but this is a design that would look equally good in LCD.With a twirling animation, the time is displayed from left to right. On the first ring, each LED = 2 hours, on the second ring 1 LED=1 hour, on the third ring 1 LED=1 min, on the fourth ring 1 LED=5 minutes, and on the fifth ring 1 LED=10 minutes. See the animation for more detail.

9 thoughts on “The Ring Concept Watch Design”

  1. Good idea the spiral, which gives an effect 3D. The bracelet with transparent, very sympathetic parts also, Well Laszlo


  2. Oh yes, thats a good laszlo watch again. The case could be less massive though. The bracelets are not transparent, they are partially silver. I always wonder what you do next laszlo.


  3. i like the overall idea… but does anyone else see anything slightly, ahem, ‘adult’ in the design? to be discreet, the only hint i’ll give is: dilation.


  4. I laughed at cortjezter’s post.
    Though now that it has been mentioned, whenever I see this watch, I’ll think of that. With that said, I’d buy it.


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