Pac-man inspired LED Watch

Design submitted by Andy from Ukraine.

An idea based on the Pac-man computer game, this unique and playful LED watch shows time in a traditional way for easy reading.

The appearance of the watch as very similar to the game makes the watch appear as a game gadget rather than a device for telling the time.

Andy thinks that this design will appeal to people who like computer games, especially to Pac-man fans.


13 thoughts on “Pac-man inspired LED Watch”

  1. Andy loves biting time (like your: A Digital Watch Design From An Unreal World) and his way of telling time always surprises me.
    a Yes to your beautiful imagination.


      1. Woua, you are a designer product? Your creations are amazing and awesome!
        I love the “Baby Liberty” without mentioning the “G-spot” and many other concepts on your site.
        Andy, your imagination commands respect!


      2. Thanks, Patrick! Thanks for you nice words. Yes, i’m product designer. Now my G-spot mouse is on development stage and I plan together with factory finish it in the next 2-3 months. I also like you “jewelry style” in watch concepts.


  2. Absolutely love it. needs a little tweaking but that would come through production. instant buy from me thats amazing im such a pac-man nerd. what if you used E-paper and did a graphic when you touched a certain button to show the time? so pac-man could go around and eat the dots?


  3. Hey nice idea! I would turn the 40-minutes-pac-man around 90° clockwise. If could really eat the dots, that would be awesome. I also think licensing could be a problem. But so far it is a nice watch.


  4. i’ve said it before on this blog that i’m not personally a big fan of ‘franchise-based’ concepts that rely on or are too directly inspired by entertainment properties, and this one is really no different. i think the idea could work, but maybe if you made it a LOT more abstract. perhaps one yellow dot, the incremental white dots, and then coloured dots for the ghosts…just one idea toward being less literal.

    also, any thoughts about a ‘ms pac-man’ edition for women?


  5. Nicely presented watches, but I don’t like pac man. Copyright? As cortjezter said, a more abstract interpretation would be cooler.


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