Iris – A Watch Design Like An Eye

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

Anders says: “I was playing around with a couple of different analog display ideas when I came up with this one, which interestingly looked a bit like an eye.

It reminded me of cameras and their ‘pupil’, the aperture. I combined the two into an analog display hidden behind a steel iris. Reading the time on this is as easy as it gets: basically it’s a standard analog watch with a flourescent display lit from behind. The minute hand projects from the outside of the display, and the hour hand from the center around the button which operates the motorized iris.

The button resembles a camera trigger in that it can be pressed halfway as well as fully down. The first step opens the iris halfway, showing just the hours. The second opens it completely, conserving energy if you only wants a rough idea of the time.

This appeals to those interested in cameras, and who enjoy mechanical gadgetry. The design is reserved and functional. The watch is held to the armband by a wire bracket which also holds an inner armband made from a suitable woven material. The rubber strap is adjusted with a wire hook.


11 thoughts on “Iris – A Watch Design Like An Eye”

  1. Oh yeah! I like the way you handle the watch hands. I like the glowing of the inner and the outer ring. And I like the camera-like shutter! The strap idea is fresh and unusual, I like that it is made of several parts. The blue strap part could start getting slim a little closer to the case, that’s my only concern :) The watch is so detailed but also simple… nice combination. Like like.


    1. Thanks man! The strap idea started with the bracket holding the watch itself, and is actually derived from the things used to hold the main character’s eyes open during his ‘therapy’… The rest of it is a result of not wanting to make anything very complicated (like I have in some of my earlier designs)… I’m glad you like it, and I hope more will… =)


  2. Love the watch face, particularly the iris effect and its mechanical, rather than automated operation. The strap is a bit wide for my taste, but I have a narrow wrist, so that’s mostly just personal preference. Having the multiple parts contribute to the whole is a very refreshing change, though.


    1. The strap is on the wide side, yes… I think it’s a consequence of the strap being quite short in relation to the size of the watch itself, so it might solve itself if this design was ever realized…


  3. i love this. though im not sure how the aperture would work opening up to reveal the time
    hope tf takes this further and makes something :D


    1. Thanks for the comment!
      The iris is actually fairly simple, there is one in every (as far as I know) SLR camera, so adapting it shouldn’t be a problem…=)


  4. Bought!!! Ah wait, the wires on the straps aren’t good. But the case man, the case! I can tell you this can be made easily. There must be a glass on top of the shutter to not disturb or destroy it accidently. I think there is a glass… or isnt there? I cant see. Anyway, thats what I’m talking about: simple, easy to read, unusual technology for case and display. Just great and a pleasure for the eyes ;) You are one of my favorite designers on here. Good luck! Five stars!


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