Watch Design with Cool LED Numbers

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says: “Traditional LED number designs on digital alarm clocks and car dashboard readouts are very bland. I wanted to make a wrist watch display that would show 1-9 and 0 in a more interesting font design.

The time telling method is very simple here, just press the button, and after a short animation, the LEDs will light briefly on each number of the current time. 2 then 4 then 8 means that it is currently 2:48. 1 then 0 then 0 then 7 would be 10:07. The current date could also be displayed.

This is a watch design for those who want to break away from typical LED digital watch displays and have something unique and interesting.┬áThe display is a curved piece of glass held to the case by stainless steel brackets, which magnifies the LEDs. The case itself is very angular with the sides slightly curved in a swooping fashion. The buttons are recessed into the case, rather than raised which also adds to the design’s appeal.”


15 thoughts on “Watch Design with Cool LED Numbers”

  1. Oh yeah buybuy. I like: the easy to read, BIG, segmented numbers, that flat case, the connection to the straps, the embedded buttons… My wrist is tingling when I see the watch ;)


  2. i like this! not my number one choice out of all the submissions but i would seriously consider due to it not looking like the one i want is going to make production


  3. I love everything about this. I really hope this goes into production because I absolutely want it. Best of luck to you!


  4. Thanks guys! I’m excited to see the positive posts on this design! I’ve got another in the works soon, so stay tuned.

    Ninjanomicory OUT! ;p


  5. This is fun! It reminds me of a Nixie clock. This has an aesthetic to the design; it’s old and new at the same time. Very creative, and classy too. Good job.


  6. I like it. I really, really like it. I’m a sucker for Art Deco look, and the numbers look very Art-Deco-ish, font-wise. Also, the font reminds me of nixie tubes. DO WANT!


  7. Oh yeeh I can see the art deco too, after tom mentioned it. Stylish numbers! The idea to let the numbers flash is cool. The case is just great. I like the red version with white display. Also the bass kick looks good in this color combination. 5*/y


  8. Thanks guys!

    too bad the rating on this one and Bass Kick have dropped as much as they have. High hopes and all that. ;p


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