Bass Kick LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says: “When browsing home theaters, I got to looking at the shape of a speaker and was inspired to make a watch design. I also wanted the LEDs on this design to look like a sound wave emanating from the center and displaying the time.This is a standard 12-5-9 design, hours are the large ‘sound waves’ odd on bottom, even on top, hours 3,6,9, and 12 have a notch in them for quicker recognition. The left bank of horizontal LEDs are 10 minute groups, with the 30 minute marker being a bit larger. Single minutes are on the right, with a larger 5th minute LED.

Designed with the club scene in mind, this watch design would be a natural choice for anyone who parties late into the night. The watch is equipped with an alarm that plays an animation on the LEDs and vibration function to let the wearer know when it’s time to hit the party.

The LEDs are placed in a sound wave pattern. The curved glass of the watch face forms a speaker shape, creating a definitive fashion statement. The links on the band also take the shape of a sound wave emanating from the speaker. The alarm function coupled with the animation and vibration could make this an instant hit.”


18 thoughts on “Bass Kick LED Watch Design”

  1. whoa…. mass production from Corry, are you intended to be Laszo No.2?? BTW this watch is simply a hit, I like the idea to integrate with vibration and alarm function, when the alarm rings, the equalizer starts to animate to show the time. Should be a YES and I’ll go bankrupt since there are so many good watches in the list here. I chose the yellow led version. And to set alarm in this such watch would be a way too tricky, but that might be only me.


    1. Thanks, Firdaus! I’m glad you like.

      I had an idea that to set the time, the bottom button only is pressed for 5 seconds, to set the alarm, both buttons are pressed for five seconds. To turn the alarm on/off, press the top button for 3 seconds and the LEDs will flash once to let you know that the alarm is on, press the button again within 5 seconds, and the LEDs will flash twice to let you know the alarm is now off.



  2. Before I read the description, the watch already appealed to me. I like the club scene image. And you process that very good. Speaker shape, sound wave display, vibration, wow. I second firdaus saying he’s going bankrupt due to those many good watches on here. Hot watch! Party time!


    1. Thanks Aph!

      I definitely had a few versions of the speaker and display in my sketch book before deciding on this one. The first iteration was at a 45 degree angle, and looked cool, but didn’t convey “Sound Waves” as well as I would have liked.

      The only thing I may change now, I think, is the lack of a PM indicator for setting the alarm. One could be easily added without breaking the display, though.


  3. Oh yeah, this one looks cool when off. And then come the sound waves! I would definitely use the vibration function when the music plays. IP black looks best… but the brushed steel is also appealing. I like when watches can look used. This watch goes with the mainstream, actually it is a fresh addition. Totally buy-worthy!


  4. Ok, that I actually get. So often these designs require a math minor or a degree in Combinatorics to figure out. Thankfully I get the hours, 10 min, single minutes configuration. This is pretty cool.


    1. Thanks, Tim! I definitely tried to keep it simple, hours are the largest LEDs, Ten minutes are medium size, and the single minutes are smallest, that way each grabs your attention in that order.



  5. Looks great, maybe multi-color display? That will drive price up I am sure, but all those fashion obsessed will want color options. Even as it is now, great look and style.


    1. Definitely more colors! I can make a few and post them up, check back in the next couple days, and I’ll post them. Thanks for the input, Trav!

      I liked the deep red coloration of my Glyphs design very much, so I may well use that shader and make a red with white LED version o.0


  6. Great design! This watch has a nice image and it looks cool! Love the display! Good you made the red version. I’d buy it. 5*/yyyyy


    1. Thanks, A.S.! I’m glad you like the Red version as much as I do, I think it really brings out the features of the watch. That and the Brushed Steel are my favorites.


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