All Around The Wrist Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Jonny from the UK.

Jonny says: “I was fed up seeing really awesome concept watches that I could not buy. It struck me that by law a watch must be a face and a strap. We are unable to buy the watch with a display all the way round your wrist designed by Peugeot or what ever. I wanted a concept that was realistic. Also… every time I look at my watch the face has disappeared to the underside of my wrist. Therefore I designed what looks like a heavy and expensive yet totally kickin’ rad solution.

One tells the time as you would a normal watch. The digital display acts only as a night light when worn. When docked/charging it shows date and time old school. This is a watch design that would be perfectly suited to chatty yet flashy office folk or young professionals with big arms and big voices.

I have literally never seen a watch like this. Frankly the digital display is really for attention this watch would look killer with analog only.”


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  1. Just a quick note. We only got one design up today as we got hit by a big earthquake 8.9 magnitude and had to flee the building. All the staff at Tokyo office are safe but will not be able to go home tonight. All communications are down and I was able to skype our staff in Tokyo and they are OK out on the street. Lots of broken glass from office buildings and aftershocks. A power outage in parts of Kanto (Tokyo) and a Nuclear power plant may have leaked and possible evacuation.


  2. I was thinking about the TF staff and Im glad to know you guys are OK. I wish it ends soon and Japan recovers as fast as possible! Hang in there!


  3. I’m glad the folks at Tokyoflash Japan are fine, I hope their families are too, and that all of Japan recovers from this and shows the world her resilience.

    Now! on to the watch design!

    I like the idea of multiple watch faces as the watchband itself; though, how would you go about adjusting the size of the watch? I have a smallish wrist, and would probably need to take links out to accommodate. The design also seems like it would be expensive to produce, as the most costly part of a watch is going to be the inner workings which make it go.

    Cool design, overall!


    1. I knew it was risky up loading a design for a watch with hands but I never expected such a dramatic effect on Tokyo. My heart and hart goes out to those affected.

      Thanks for your comment.

      I do not really have a solution to the problem with this design as i think all the faces would need to be wired up together. The original design had 6 entirely independent faces that would be joined to make a hoop so I guess each connection could have 2 potential joins making 18 sizes of watch overall. As for price the original design did not have any lights on. The only reason I put a digital display on was because it seemed like the done thing at Tokyo Flash and had I not it wouldn’t have been taken seriously as a contender. So really the price would be for 6 identical watches that all run independently and I quote the Tokyo flash website when I say “In fact 80% of watches around the world just purchase a standard movement from the factories for next to nothing.” so take the electronics out how much would it really cost to make this unique piece?


      1. Thanks for commenting on this design Cory, I’ve rated but I did not feel to drop comment before because other guys were walking about the incident in Tokyo. I hope this blog can be run as normal and the TF team will return for works as soon as possible.


  4. With great emotion I heard this horrible news for our friends in Japan, with a solemn thought for the victims.
    I wish you courage, even though I know you very much.
    Projects await course and especially take good care of you.

    very soon


    Patrick from France


  5. Hey Jonny, actually I also once thought about sort of design like this, and thanks you posted it here. I might not wear this watch, but it can be used as jewelery that put on table, as table clock? Just my opinion. BTW, great job!


  6. Iv seen the news for the first time. It is really a terrible thing what happened in Japan.

    A really terrible thing.


  7. In this difficult time for the genius of the country on behalf of Ukraine would like to wish you survive in this hard struggle! watch on our wrists -it philosophy, philosophy of life. they consider the time of our lives. and they want as long as our life flows. Time may stop for all of us in 1 second. We all dream a lot … But you may end up in a moment … Style, time, religion……. We are all people of one world and must understand this. The trouble came not only in your home ……… Good luck! We believe that you can handle with all the new life’s problems …


  8. My thoughts and prayers are with the country of Japan. I surely hope everyone in the Tokyoflash family is alright, as well as each and every individual family member you all have. You guys will surely pull through this, i have faith in you guys! If you fall we will catch you! <3 Japan from Kuba of CT, USA


  9. Thank you. We are all fine here. Our staff and families moved to Okinawa Mie Ken and Singapore. Operations are all OK, but repairs are all based out of Tokyo so no one there till we get this situation sorted. Design Staff in Okinawa and Mie now. Shipments out otherwise are fine.


    1. Singapore? Why you did not move to Malaysia instead? The living cost here is cheaper, and geographically we are safest place to live imho, and there’s many other good factors too to consider. No offense to Singapore though, and your staffs in Singapore can always come to Malaysia. I have had several meeting and seminar with Japanese government agency in transportation sector and they always like to visit Malaysia.


  10. The idea about the all around the wrist is good. But when I imagine this watch on my wrist, I don’t like it. You have like 6 segments, let it be 8 and it is still too clunky. Maybe women like it because of its jewelry like appearance. The combination of digital and analog display is great.


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