LCD Eye Watch Design

Design submitted by Gordon from the USA.

Gordon says he wanted to make a watch that was asymmetrical and used lights instead of numbers to tell time.

This watch design has two outer rings of lights, the outermost ring counts the hours and the inner ring counts the minutes.  The center LCD display counts the seconds.

Gordon sees hip designers or people who appreciate design and want to be seen wearing something unique and different using this watch.


12 thoughts on “LCD Eye Watch Design”

  1. Like: the strap and the basic analog-type display.

    Dislike: the color scheme and the overall smallness of the watch.

    3* Gordon. This watch isn’t for me. Good luck with this concept though. Welcome to the blog!


  2. Thanks Jordan, as for the color scheme, that could be a variable that some one could choose by their own taste. I experimented with a number of complimentary colors.


  3. Not sure if it reads well in these pics but the lens is a fisheye. this helps magnify the lights and add some drama


  4. Pretty desighn, but I could see some problems with the band attachment desighn catching on things perhaps.


  5. I like the colors and the display. Very cool. The watch is not asymmetric, it is point symmetric. Its cool but not fully my taste. The shape of the case looks too arbitrary to me. The second strap version is my favorite. ****YES


  6. Interesting. Above average without the shown strap ~ I’d prefer steel strap for this design. I rate you 5 stars, but I’m sure most visitors wont do so.


  7. thanks Firdaus,the display came out as i would like, the overall appearence is definitly open to interpretation


  8. I like both strap material chosen, In a gunmetal would be sick! Congrats on getting your concepts out there!


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