Hexagonal Binary LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says, “When I thought about finally trying a binary display (inspired by the binary watches in the blog), I saw I need 6 positions for the LEDs.  Some seconds later came the decision to make a hexagonal case”.

Like every binary watch, this needs some practice to be read.  You have to remember the values of the LEDs and add them.  Red LEDs are hours, blue ones are the minutes.   Little transparent wall-like plastic elements are lit up from inside a concave case.  Each LED position is two-parted but looks like one element when off.  There is also an animation feature when the light button is pressed.

It is a unisex watch, relatively narrow, edgy and interesting.  It can go with suits as well as with casual wear.


24 thoughts on “Hexagonal Binary LED Watch Design”

  1. Well, you know that I like binary watches, Sam, and this is an interesting new arrangement. It reminds me a little of the Twelve 5-9 Q Version, which is a good thing. it’s definitely “edgy,” as you say, and I think it could appeal to some of the hardcore Tokyoflash fans. The strap is perfect, but I have a slight concern that the open face will allow the plastic elements to be damaged and/or cause dirt to accumulate inside, so I might want to see if you could fill the face with clear acrylic to prevent these problems while preserving the appearance.


    1. Oh yes, I thought about a non-reflecting glass to cover the concave space. Like this: http://thehourglasses.com/images/coatings.jpg But I let it away so the 3D-ness can take its full effect. If it’s really such a big problem, it’s the that glass then I think. And I agree with the hardcore fans :) I was looking back at the old watches (also the 12-5-9 Q) and tried to make this one as simple but expressive like them. Not for the masses, but for cool geeks, hehehe. Thanks for your comment!


  2. Back after a month and nothing changed. I reloaded the page before I submitted my text and the rating went from 4.1 to 3.5! Great tokyoflash how you manage these haters. Now for what i think about this watch. *****YES from me! It is the best binary led watch here in my opinion. It looks stylish and not boring. I am really a fan of the edges. Like logan said, the led arrangement is interesting. I showed it to my girl, she likes the slim and jewel like shape. But she doesnt want binary. I think thats just the binary doom lol. I could be friends with binary finally. These six things i dont know the name of, look great!


    1. Oh no! I missed to rate your plusnine watch. Its such a clever analog watch! Very stylish and good looking. Referring to your color suggestions, i would take white/red and black/red. Good luck sam, continue your fantastic work!


    2. Awww, but cool you made your comment here :D

      I would ignore those haters if they have nothing to say :P

      Hey, if I can convert people to like binary, my work was good xD Thanks for your repeated commenting. Maybe your girl should create her own account here ;)


  3. Hello Sam, without being a fan of the “binary”, this watch is very original, even the preoccupation with Logan, with a cover glass or resin without spoiling this beautiful project.
    This watch without problem, deserves a 5*!


    1. Hehe correct about the glass :) I also wasn’t a fan of binary, but it’s always good to look over the horizon. Merci beaucoup Patrick!


  4. Very nicely realised concept, Sam! You make binary look good…=)

    Even though the angular look doesn’t make me want it, I really like how you’ve carried it through (even the LED elements are hexagonal, I noticed).


    1. Hehehe, I can’t see the hexagons but pentagons in the LED elements. The number of edges is actually a coincidence ;) I just planned their overall shape. Hm yes the edgyness – tastes are different. The more I appreciate your comment Anders.


  5. Ok I prefer this than the go stop watch now! Thanks for making this concept, it’s really stunning. Although, personally not a fan of binary, but I’d go for this watch for sure. Good luck for this concept Jerry. 5 stars and yes would buy!


    1. Woohoo, I beat myself xD You’re welcome, hehe. I think that’s the real tokyoflash effect, when your brain gets fried from the time reading but your heart makes leaps of joy from the design. Thank you Firdaus!


  6. Nice angles, clean design. I’m more a fan of the “hands on a clock face” or 12-5-9 led designs, but if I were to wear a binary design, this would definitely be it. 5/y!


  7. Well
    I don’t like binary stuff, but what a design!!!!
    it’s really really good!
    I agree with the first comment about the covering glass (and yes it would be better without reflection!)
    and I wanted to know if the two LEDs will be powerful enough for an everyday use, i wonder if, for example at noon, we ‘ll be able to read time on the watch…

    did I say it was a great work? :p

    PS : forgive my english, i’m not very fluent with it, but i hope you ‘ll understand the main ideas!


    1. p.s. (pre scriptum hehehe) Your english is great for me. I’m not super fluent too.

      I agree with the glass – It’s decided now :) Oh the LEDs can be made strong enough. Direct sunlight isn’t perfect for the most LED watches because the LEDs are deeper in the case. Here the light is guided outside and focussed by these transparent elements, so I think they can be seen better. And I see why binary is not so popular, but it’s fun :D

      Thank you for your impression!


  8. I like to take the chance to say thanks to all supporters. So I do so: Thanks! It’s good to see that binary plus design can work in theory. I hope you stay tuned for upcoming designs, not only for mine ;) Stay critical!

    Best regards from Germany,


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