Fun Colors LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Gordon from the USA.

Inspired by a picture frame and all the amazing works on this blog, Gordon has come up with this new watch design.

The outer lights on the case count the hours like a typical analog watch.  The wedges around the center circle are 5 minute intervals.  The quartered pie in the center represents 1 minute each quarter.  The screen would be touch sensitive, one tap would illuminate the time for about 10 seconds.  A double tap would access time setting.

Gordon sees fun people who enjoy colorful statements wearing this watch.  Perhaps people who are attracted to Apple products and like smooth lines and less buttons.


15 thoughts on “Fun Colors LED Watch Design”

  1. Apart from my personal taste about the LED layout, I like how you handled the straps and the case. Very nice detail! And I also like that you are offering different materials. It was nice to see the blue preview but encountering the pink version here.

    As for the LEDs. It’s too much going on in the frame – it feels not like a frame anymore. Maybe these four big LEDs should have been like the other small eight. But that’s just me :)

    It’s indeed fun and a simple design (easy to make). I like the aluminium and the wooden version most.


  2. I never wear a watch but this is really more like a piece of jewelry. I would not only wear it but buy a few to wear with different outfits! Nice job


  3. The rating on this really should be higher, this is such a fun, lighthearted watch. The pink one totally looks like something Princess Peach would wear, and the black/yellow/red looks like Wario’s watch :D

    Great work, Gordon!


  4. Stunning- so unusual to have this type of avant-garde styling in a timepiece. Simply brilliant. Would purchase for myself and for gifts- “bravo!” to the designer.


  5. thanks everyone, I like this design because i think it has so many material and color combination possibilities. I have done more but i could only upload 5, including stone and clear materials


  6. Gordon, I gotta agree that there are endless combinations of graphics and material combinations you can apply. I wish you luck in your competition! Maybe one day I’ll man up and throw some designs on here myself… Keep up the hustle.


  7. Beautiful watch! If you translate them into reality – I will definitely buy them! Greetings from Russia))


  8. Even the fish will be attracted… cool design and I can read it under the Sea… I want a marine version, water proof to 3 atmospheres OK?


  9. Hey Gordon,
    This watch is great. I like the display, easy to read and great colors. I’d never take it off. I hope they make it.


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