Concave Dotted LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

A 12-5-9 LED watch in silver or black with an interesting concave watch face where time is displayed in dots.

The upper 12 large dots indicate the hours, 5 dots at the bottom of the display indicate 10 minute groups, and 9 small dots in the middle of the screen show single minutes.

A watch design that is easy to read with a very appealing and unique look.


21 thoughts on “Concave Dotted LED Watch Design”

  1. Mhh very pop-art-ish display – looks stylish! The case is cool, nice new shape. This could be done at a good price, so I would buy it :)


  2. very stylish case! strong identity it’s good to see fresh shapes i also apreciate the detail of the elements of the band side, this illusion of metal sheet surrounding cast metal is very cool, i have just one critic: add a bevel to the case, just 0.5 mm like the rest of the watch.
    it’s a ready to release product in my opinion


  3. Laslo Yes, it’s a beautiful watch.
    When you say “easy to read,” I agree, but every time people around me wonder time and that I give with my watches from Tokyoflash, they look at me like a matien, ah ah ah
    5 * / Y!


  4. Easy to read and interesting looking. The case looks a bit strange. The concave curve is not so much my taste. But ****/YES and I’m a possible customer.


  5. These are some high quality 3d renders, Laszlo.

    Love the band, the butterfly strap, the orange LEDs… As for the concave face… Er… Could do without that. Slightly convex, maybe, but no matter. That minor detail does not take away from what is an amazing concept.

    5* without hesitation.


  6. Love the case and strap combo on this. A bit like the Satellite watch but better.


  7. Obviously faked rating, as well as on the previous watch. The amount of comments, shares and tweets speaks another language. Who ever does this, how ever you do this, stop it you cheater! This is a nice watch but not overwhelming. Rather boring compared to the really good watches here.


    1. I think: you’re a good man but…
      write your opinion better, but I don’t understand your negative comment.


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