Horizon – Cryptic Digital LCD Watch Design

Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

Heather says: “I like the idea of digital watches that are not obvious at first glance, yet can easily be read. This is a digital watch with an “always on” display and is unisex. The digits are formed by horizontal line segments only, in such a way that the digits are more easily read from far, rather than close up.

You can also distinguish between AM and PM, as PM is indicated by a full horizontal line above and below the display. This LCD watch design is meant for both men and women, as it is sized for either.  It could also be available in various colors. The digits look like nothing at first, but can quite easily be read.”

Once you understand how to read this wrist watch design, you can easily see the times shown in the images below: 12:43 / 8:57 / 9:06 / 12:43.

Let Heather know what you think about her latest design idea. Can you read it easily? What color options would you like to see? What changes would you make? Vote and like all concept watch designs on the blog, there’s a chance it will become reality.


16 thoughts on “Horizon – Cryptic Digital LCD Watch Design”

  1. Welcome back Heather!

    It’s a cool idea, time can be read easily on the images you show. For the sake of confusion, it would’ve been good to show the watch in vertical position (+-10° if you will) so the watch would look unreadable and more spectacular at first, but then woohoo it’s so easy and well known actually. You know – playing a bit with the “victims” ;) I’d like to have a guiding 0 for the <10h times so the display is always full. That's both not so dramatic points, but they went through my head.

    LCD, always on – great. Unisex – great. Time reading system – great. If I tell you, it would be cool to continue the lines into the straps, it would look like a concept, I just finished :P You have my vote and 5*, cause I think TF can make this a seller.


  2. Why didn’t I think of that!
    Very simple, very cool and it looks a bit like the game “falldown” which is no bad thing. You could highlight the am or pm with the colour of the lines which would also tie in with the “falldown” game. 5 * and yes :)


  3. Very cool idea :) My only concern is when I want to tell the time, I rise my hand to horizontal position and those horizontal line segments become vertical ones. I hope you underestand what I mean. But it still looks good :)


    1. I understand. I think the best position would be arm: 45° turned to the left from normal reading position and if necessary head: turned 45° to the right. After some time I think the angles can be smaller until you see the time in the vertical display. And your friends look at you as if you’re a wizard :D


  4. Heather, that’s a cool idea. It reminds me of a watch by sam from looooooong time ago. This one http://www.tokyoflash.com/blog/2010/11/gradient-watch-design-inspired-by-ps2 Yours looks more cryptic at first, is as easy to read as the other one and could look fashionable too if tokyoflash takes it. But right now I prefer sam’s version of the split numbers. But the difference is so small, I still rate *****/YES. Nice to see you back in the blog.


  5. Great design, 5 stars and yes, because it looks futuristic and complicated at first, but when you learn how to tell the time its easy..and thats what yokuoflash is all about. its awesome!


  6. Классная идея. И очень простая, как и всё гениальное.)))
    Неудобство лишь в том, что придётся поворачивать руку, чтобы цифры располагались горизонтально перед глазами. 4/Y


    1. Class idea. And very simple, as well as all ingenious.)))
      Inconvenience only that it is necessary to turn a hand that figures settled down horizontally before eyes.


  7. LOVE the concept really easy to read and just BADASS, hope that is not a leather strap i see???? Still will buy because it just looks like an illusion Brilliant!!!


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