Pulse watch has continuous effect, minimal power use.

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: I wanted to design a watch which attracts the eye with a continous animation and easy to read.

Pulse is an LCD watch with effects always on. The time is displayed for 5 seconds when you press the button. The reading is similar to traditional watches. In a dark environment you can turn on the backlight.

31 thoughts on “Pulse watch has continuous effect, minimal power use.”

  1. Looks great, the animation is cool. Loving the colours. Simple clean looking case. My only concern is the samllest dot is maybe a little small when on its own during time reading but that is a minor detail. 5 stars and yes, nice work Laszlo! :)


  2. Hi Lazlo, very cool watch. I like the easy to read display & always on capability whilst maintaining battery life similar to Rogue, and the black gloss with neon accent colours continuing through the strap look very cool and futuristic ;)


  3. Hey, Laszlo! Great design.. I love always on, and an always on animation is pretty interesting…(although I do prefer to always be able to see the time without pressing a button).
    This effect you have on the strap to match the display is pretty cool – I like it.
    The time reading is awesome, but I think it could be improved with one easy move. Start counting extra minutes from the outside rather than the inside. That way if there are only a couple of dots, they are larger and closer to the circumference where it’s easier to find the matching indicator.
    5*/yes — I like the blue! :D


    1. My thoughts too on counting from the outside in. I love this watch! I’m a fan of round designs, and LCD is appealing. I think if the animation is fast enough (like the one on Rogue Touch) it won’t matter if you glance at your watch for the time during the anim, since it’ll be over in a second or two. RGB is always a good color choice, and the yellow one is cool too.

      Nice design, Laszlo!


  4. こんにちは。はじめまして。探しているデザインがあります。どこで見ればいいのか、わかりません。


  5. *****/YES instant purchase! I love the heart beat animation! if it’s really always on, this would rock so bad! the time reading is cool too.


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