MODULO 3 LED watch looks complex, has simple solution.

Design submitted by Heather from USA and Sam from Germany.

Heather & Sam say: MODULO 3 is a unisex design for an LED wrist watch with a rhombus based display. This is actually an upgrade of Heather’s first idea ever submitted to the blog.The diamond shape at the center of the display is the PM indicator.  The four corners around it show analog based hours.  The upper one means 12, the right one 3, the down one 6, and the left one 9.  What about the hours in between? One or two additional hours are represented by the respective amount of rounded squares lit around the analog hours.
For example, “right corner(3h) and one rounded square lit (+1h)” means the current hour is 4. Or “left corner (9h) and two rounded squares lit (+2h)” means the current hour is 11.

√Math tidbit:  The two rounded squares show the hour modulo 3 – i.e.  0 additional hours, 1 additional hour, or 2 additional hours.

The LEDs along the top determine groups of ten minutes (10-50) and those along the bottom determine the single minutes (1-9).  The fact that these LEDs turn a corner in the middle helps with the counting.

A button on the side will activate an animation followed by time display.  But even when the time is not displayed, the design is still pleasing to the eye. There is an option for an automatic LED animation every 5 seconds within a specified time period, if one wishes to attract attention.

There is quite something going on in the display.  There are these different shapes and colors – all harmonically placed of course.  This might look difficult to read at first, but like most concepts here, when you know how and have had a bit of practice you can read the time quickly.

22 thoughts on “MODULO 3 LED watch looks complex, has simple solution.”

    1. @i m: :)
      @Ben: thanks for your support!
      @Ranjan: square ripple effect – that’s a cool way to think of it! thanks for your input!


  1. Good day Samu-chin, Heather-chin. Counting sensation in unique square definition, this design might also works with reading system like in RPM – just a thought. BTW, very eye catching design and congratulation for the collaboration works on achieving the result.


    1. Good day, Firdaus! Thanks for the compliment and suggestion! We know a lot of folks on the blog are fans of eye-catching designs, so we thought what better way is there than animated lights?! ;)


  2. Hi Heather and Sam, a watch “simple” with a nice animation.
    I like this kind of display!
    5 * and yes, a watch that I could buy, it’s in my tastes.


  3. Congrats on another sucessful coop guys!
    Loving the look of this one, very futuristic. Who doesn’t love a rhombus?
    My only critisim is that the time telling method seems slightly disjointed or overly complictated, I think it could be simplified to make time reading quicker.
    The user would probably get used to quickly anyway and wouldn’t be a problem to most.
    Eitherway a worthy 5* and Yes! :D


    1. Hey Pete! Thanks for the support! :)
      Actually, this new method of time-telling was the basis for creating this design — Almost like a 12-5-9 with a twist on the 12… ;)
      Thank you for your input, and of course for your vote! :D


  4. :D

    @ all: Thank you for your support! This concept was fun to work on and again a nice collaboration with Heather! It’s cool how the rhombus shape and the look of the display is liked :)


    1. Thanks, makino! I agree – that is always my concern too. :D If Tokyoflash decides to make it, and I have any say in it, I’ll certainly pass that along…


  5. Ow yeah! Tokyoflash implemented a regular LED pulsing to balance the energy needs with pure epicness. That could work here too! Thank you for telling Makkovik!

    ^ CorpSpy, thank you too!


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