Dots.v3 LCD watch, tell the time via stylish icons.

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: LCD watch concept with 12-5-9 reading system. Twelve large dots indicates the hours in similar way like the analog watches. In the middle of the screen five circles indicates the ten minutes and nine little dots the single minutes.

24 thoughts on “Dots.v3 LCD watch, tell the time via stylish icons.”

  1. love it. cool look. easy to read. even the counting is easy because it is reminiscent of dice, or dominoes. lcd is great. nice colors. i like the button placement. 5*/yes.


  2. Love the look of the watch, nice gometric and slim line form. The rendering is excellent as we have come to expect. The time telling method doesnt excite me on the other hand. Maybe if you zoned the various dots into their own windows would make it look more exciting? nice work in general tho! :D


  3. This is arts for the wrist :D Reading works pretty fine – not too much counting, more intuitively. The display looks always interesting. 5•/YES


  4. Thank you, but we don’t seeking any junk packages! If you can’t write normal comments don’t disturb this blog.


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