An Analog Watch Design Inspired By Moon Phases

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: “This analog watch design indicates the time through a perforated mask. Twelve large holes indicate hours and sixty small holes indicate minutes.”

The watch is shown here in three color combinations. Silver with a green or blue disc and black with a white disc. An image below shows how the watch would be assembled. The printed disc has lines which when covered by the disc with holes shows moon phases at the same time as showing the time.


31 thoughts on “An Analog Watch Design Inspired By Moon Phases”

  1. Awesome dude, I would look so jealous if I ignore this. Analog, Unique, Casual, Has quality feel and look, and Works! 5* and YES.

    The truth


  2. My new favorit of Laszlo’s designs! very clever and elegent design. Has a sofisticated feel and looks very technical. Also moon phase watches in the past were very traditional and didnt really appeal to younger people, this will for sure! 5/Y Best of luck! :D


  3. Mhhhh spacey and retro charming! Very interesting display, I like the stripes and the crescents very much. Good luck Laszlo!!!

    I have the feeling, you are working on a wall clock prototype ;)


    1. Thank you so much Sam!
      Yes it’s easy to prepare. When it’s ready, you can check on my facebook site. ;)


  4. Excellent design. Not too complicated… but just clever enough to tell the time. NICE looking and wont use up too much battery. 100% for effort, 100% for design, 100%!!! Looking forward to buying this if/when it’s for sale.


  5. This is the best analog watch concept in recent times. It is very nice to me, fascinating!
    Congrats Laszlo!


    1. One for you Pingywon. I could call up the vigilance test, but I was distracted. Thanks for correction! The time on the green watch is 2:30!


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