Timeline LED watch uses motion to display time

Design submitted by Zoltan from Hungary.

Zoltan says: I wanted to created a watch that looks special, but you couldn’t tell at first glance what it is.

Nevertheless it’s easy to tell the time by looking at it.

The watch has 13 LEDs in a single row.The LEDs are controlled by an accelerometer and as you shake your hand they light up at the appropriate time to show the digits.

15 thoughts on “Timeline LED watch uses motion to display time”

  1. Its a cool idea which I support as its something I have played with in the past. I would say that trying the horizontal approach is great from the time reading perspective but makes for an excesively wide watch. If it was possible to use a hours above, minutes below configuration (trickier led timing) this would allow for a more comfortable shape. For the idea 5* Best of luck Zoltan! :D


  2. Cool idea to use an accelerometer instead of a programmed light pattern so the display adapts automatically to the movement. I’m not sure about the frequency and the convenience and the practicality, but I would definitely get this piece if I would see it in a shop! Mh, the bar could be shorter for me… Assuming that Tokyoflash would take care of this idea: 5*/YES. Good luck Zoltan!


    1. Hi Zoltan – I agree with everything Samukun (and Pete) said above. The current configuration is too wide, but awesome idea! 5* Good luck!


  3. I like the idea really, but but hey if face display width is not too long, I’ll definitely obtain one if it’s become reality. 5* for the idea!


  4. A nice idea but I doubt many people would want to have to resort to waving their arms around like an idiot every time they need to check the time


  5. At the risk of seeming like a jerk, I take this blog is for honest opinions. I hate this watch. I, for one, am not going to shake my wrist like an idiot to see what time it is. Interesting concept that I’ve seen in motorized desktop devices, but on your wrist? In my humble opinion, “Back to the Drawing Board.”


  6. Cool idea ! but the problem is that this kind of display need to be precisely synchronized between the flashing LEDs frequency and the movement of the all thing.

    It can be a nice idea for another project any way !


  7. Nice look, but the accelerometer sunk it. ( more because of the non-practical aspect than the “looking like an idiot”, because it’s not really a problem for me, after comparing this watch with some that I have )

    I would suggest you to do a 5 phases ( 1 per line ) or a five lines of light ( kind of like what we can almost see in the 4th picture ).

    With that kind of look, you have to be careful with the case width itself and compared to the wristband, ( try no more than 5cm / 2 inch ) but it is nice. ( and rare )


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