Spinoff – LED Segments that tell time

Design submitted by Erik from Colombia.

Erik says: I was trying to find a way to tell the time that is fast and easy. I thought the best way was to give hours a “cake”shape, form so anyone could just see it and know what is the time. With regards to the minutes I prefer ten minutes division at the bottom of the watch.

There are three sections in the watch, the first one tells you the day and calendar time, the circular portion at the center is divided into 12 pieces, each representing an hour. Finally at the bottom there are 60 segments divided in groups of ten that corresponds to minutes.

It’s a simple design and with a little practice you will be able to tell the time with ease. Also the difference between day and night is a nice touch.

8 thoughts on “Spinoff – LED Segments that tell time”

  1. Nice, I like it! Has a refreshing graphic look. The time telling method is nice and simple and I am a fan of diifferent colours for AM/PM. Nice work! 5/Y Best of luck! :D


  2. Nice design and very good rendering. I think the lay out of display could be made a bit more attractive and cryptic, or more subjectively, tokyoflashy. BTW still a very good design. Goodluck and keep it up! 5*


  3. it’s very different – i like the asymmetry, and the different colors for day and night – also good that it tells you the day and date all the time — looks attractive – including the strap – casual, everyday…nice job!


  4. i LOVE the watch design, but i’m not a fan of the (i think it’s plastic) strap.
    if i could get it with a metal or acetate strap….i would buy for sure!


  5. Interesting display layout! The two halfs look nicely different and the time telling works really good. Cool day and night color idea! Good luck EriK and welcome to the blog!


  6. A very nice idea. I love the layout. I agree with diclonius about the strap, but think you should keep a soft material, not metal. I would have love to see a picture between 1:00 and 5:59 ; and a picture between 12:50 and 12:59. There could be an indicator for the 5th minute of each line to ease the time reading.


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