Trylon Preview Animation

Trylon LED watch inspired by sci-fi movies.

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “Trylon” a 12-5-9 format LED watch.

I had an idea to design a watch based on the image of the “flux capacitor” from the time traveling Delorean from the “back to the future” movies. In the development stage I had more of a Cylon image in my head and ended up with something between a Cylon and the robot spaceships from the first star-wars films which had a “Y” shape face. The name “Trylon” came from the combination of the “Y” shape face and Cylon like lights.

The watch consists of three rows of LEDs in a “Y” shaped array using a 12-5-9 format.  Between the three rows of lights there are three flush buttons for the various controls. The vertical row of lights describes 12 x hour blocks, the left lower row of lights describes 5 x 10 minutes blocks and the lower right displays 9 x single minutes.

The design has a very industrial sci-fi feel which will appeal to those who like engineered products and mechanical gadgets. The 12-5-9 time telling method will keep the interest of existing Tokyoflash customers who are comfortable with that method of time telling.

The geometric form combined with the the “Y” shaped array of LEDs makes this design stand out from others. The inner layer of the strap matches the colour of the LEDs which gives the watch a fun perspective.

41 thoughts on “Trylon LED watch inspired by sci-fi movies.”

  1. Very nice Peter. The choice of colours & details on the strap & case has me drooling.

    (PS: I just spotted the secret message – ha ha!)


    1. Hehehe yeah just a little “hopeful” humour. Thanks for the compliment! I must admit this is one of my favourite of my more recent designs, it’s sci-fi but fun. Thanks for adding this to the blog! :D


    1. Sold! Hehe, you picked my favourite colour combination! That either means we both have great taste or are just as mad as each other! lol cheers for the comment and vote! :D


  2. Awesome design, Peter! Just needs to have always on option, date and alarm, and I’m sold!

    HOPEFULLY it’ll be dzigned… :)




    1. Thanks DZ, I’m sure that TF would have not trouble incorporating those features if they chose to dzign it! Cheers for the feedback and the vote! :D


  3. Dude I would buy this watch a 100 times over. This is magnificent! You’ve managed to take an idea from one of the most iconic films in American history, and turn it into an accessory that’s stylish, intriguing and easy on the eyes at the same time. Awesome work! I hope it becomes available. 5Y


    1. Thanks a lot Claude, films are a great source of inspiration! Beit literal or abstract, I’m glad you like it! :D
      I hope you get the chance to acquire one or a hundred someday! Cheers for the positive comment and support! :D


  4. For anyone who would like to see the preview animation constantly animated like originally intended:

    (I forgot to tick the looping forever box! oooops)


    1. Yay! thats a great comment from the mighty Firmeister! ;) Yeah there is something about the simplicity of this one (and its feasible too) thanks a lot for the well done and the 5! :D


  5. A great design Pete!

    + cool tri shape and case
    + easy to read
    + nice ruler scale like display
    + eye-y and ear-y name hehehe
    + the overall look is so sci-fi ♥

    If a bracelet like this can be made fittaable so it sits tight, cool. Otherwise TF pick a closeable pair of straps and I still buy it. 5* without any doubt.


    1. Thanks a lot Sam, Im glad it appeals! :D
      Im pretty open in regards to the strap, I just wanted to have a change from the typical straps I use.
      Thats probably TF’s department anyway (if they chose it of course), they know what works and what they like.
      The case lends itself to various wearing methods, would make a nice pocket watch etc, maybe it should be some kinda moduler strap thing going on? either-way cheers for the positive feedback and vote! :D


      1. I would prefer a pocket watch. A cover with a glass on front of the lights and engraving matching the controls on the metal/plastic could be made, so that you only need to open it to set the time, or a full cover.

        The overall design is very nice. & it’s easy to read. ( 1 suggestion : the lights should light up the other way, from the center to the exterior. Check the last pic, with the animation ) still a 5*.


      2. Yeah a pocket watch would be nice, a glass cover/lid would give it a more expensive feel. Regarding the direction of the lights, I imagine it would be possible to have both styles as choose able modes. Also maybe the option of changing the colour of the lights would be cool. Thanks as ever for the thoughtful feedback Makko! :D


  6. cool band. i like the black and white one best. love that the counting is made easier by the shorter and longer tick marks (influenced by some of sam’s previous ideas?). nice work. 5*


    1. Thanks a lot Heather, umm suprised the black and white is your preference. The longer and shorter LEDs seemed the easiest way of dividing the the blocks into easy to read groups (I have tried darker or dimmer LEDs on other designs). Not influenced by Sam as far as I know, thanks for the comment and the 5! :D


  7. Hi Peter, another very striking concept with superb potential. The colour, shape and style of strap looks awesome, very futuristic :)


    1. Crikey, a very positive comment! if this is Keiron from Salisbury then this is a very significant comment as you only tend to comment when really you like a design! Thanks very much! :D


      1. That sounds like a title, have you been knighted or married into royalty since we last spoke? lol
        Cheers for the comments, they are really appreciated! ;)


    1. Thanks for telling, yeah a few people have mentioned they would prefer a full strap. Im cool with the full strap if it has the same feel as the bracelet, the two tone aspect anyway. Cheers for the feedback and the vote!

      signed: Mr Trylon :D


  8. This ends very soon so I just want so say a big thanks to everyone who voted, commented and shared/liked and a big cheers to TF for posting this here.
    Thanks everyone! :D

    Pete from Blighty :D


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