Smart connection watch: A feature-rich sci-fi device.

Design submitted by Gabriel from France.

Gabriel says: I was thinking for a while about a concept watch which would let me be connected to my smartphone with a Tokyoflash sci-fi touch and I came with this concept simply called “Smart connection”.

This concept has a very minimalist look with its curved display and a hole in the center.

The center hole is hiding some LEDs which will light up for any phone call, messages, or any notification from any apps on your smartphone.

So you could be notify of any message or event invitation on your social media, any weather emergency alert, or even when your best sport player is playing at the Olympic games!

For the technic, I would use colored touch sensitive E-paper technology which can bend and have any shape without seeing the segments. The watch would use Bluetooth to send information from your smart phone to the watch.

This device would be also awesome to allow you to control your music on your computer where ever your are at home or office, or answer your call thanks to the integrated speakers and mic in a hands free way.

22 thoughts on “Smart connection watch: A feature-rich sci-fi device.”

  1. Wow, absolutely beautiful. I own a Fossil O-Ring watch and love the center hole when done right and this watch is stunning. I’d preorder it now!


  2. Striking look *o* I would even like it without the phone connection. Very nice display! Sexy contrast ;) The phone connection adds a useful feature for our times. 5*/YES and welcome to the blog Gabriel!


  3. Thanks a lot guys!
    I understand your point Samukun. I am just liking to much all my smartphone apps and I was thinking it would be cool to have some other kind of infos displayed with a tokyoflash look on the watch.


  4. Very nice design Gabriel, I love al the information that can be displayed yet never looks cluttered. The style looks great and the colours make it fun. Great submission 5/Y and welcome to the blog! :D


  5. Would I buy this??

    uuh… YES!?

    It looks amazing! :D If they make it look anything like the concept, I’m buying it :b


  6. Thus is my favorite design that ive seen so far any chance it can come in purple? Let me know when I can place my preorder


  7. I never thought a hole in wach face can be as good as this. The hole works well in square shape thanks to awesome futuristic element you implement in the display. Its a classy yet minimal futuristic design that I couldnt pass, regardless of its function. Oh and I think its quite sexy too. The orange one is my fav. 5*.

    I dragged knife to bathroom, lol what a thriller captcha!


  8. Awesome :)
    The only thing that bother me is : what about the power consumption ?
    That kind of connected device tends to use a lot of energy and for a watch, it’s quite a shame to have a ~1/2 days battery. So maybe start to think about next generation of bluetooth, energy saving features (like a small heart indicator in a corner) which turns off everything but the watch mode !



    1. PS : Think about a smart developer API if you release this watch =) It would be a pleasure to develop applications for it !


  9. Simply amazing! I would buy this so fast. The watch looks great! With all the smart phone capabilities this is the future now! TF needs to make this!!


  10. Definitely one of the most beautiful, stylish watches ever, love the way it interacts with phone or pc, and colous indicate function…and still easy to tell time.
    Definitely 5* and a buy


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