Square Root E-ink Watch Concept

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says: Geometric patterns, particularly squares and triangles are everywhere, one just has to look. Why not use the interplay between these two shapes as a time telling method.

The E-ink design has an overlay of permanent lines running throughout the face of the watch. The display thickens these lines in places to form digits, simply view each zone from left to right to read the time displayed.

Those who are intrigued by the geometric patterns reflected in the natural, and man-made world would enjoy this design.

Giving the E-ink display an interesting twist, this watch at first confuses the eye with its intersecting lines and patterns. Nevertheless, once the viewer focuses on the thicker lines in the display, the time becomes recognizable at a glance.

19 thoughts on “Square Root E-ink Watch Concept”

  1. Its a nice idea and I like the overall look very much. The graphics as ever are excellent and look real to the un-trained eye. This is a design for the more sophisticated amoungst us. For me the lines on the face could be more bold, they are very subtle at the min. This design would also suite thin stip LEDs (like the ones used in nightvision) which may add a little extra wow (for those who like extra wow) that all said 5/Y Best of luck sir! :D


  2. It’s simple. Very simple. And it looks cool. I really like the positioning of the numbers and how they can form a little artwork. The 12:47 on the little preview image is great! I also like that you keep the unused lines there, making the display look like a technical drawing with it’s construction lines. E-ink fits perfectly. I sense a subtle mix of crafty and elegant in the case – this could be a tad stronger. 5*/YESH


    1. Thanks guys! I went for more of a subtle approach on the case for sure. I wanted the main focus to be the display itself, and I’m sure TF could definitely make better the craftiness, and subtlety of the case. I’m stuck on E-Ink now, and my next design will likely also make use of it.

      Edgier the next one will be, understated is the name of the game for this one though :)


  3. Sorry but this ones not for me :( The face is too plain and reminds me of an etch-a-sketch. It’s simple though and I’m sure it has mass appeal so 5* from me.


  4. This is for me. Very simple but quite appealing. Like thin piles used at construction site, or perhaps random laser array, the artistic element quite strong on this one. Its voted 5*


  5. Easy to read, nice, elegant design, techy without being overly geeky. This is a winner with me. Just the slightest of concerns – I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave your watch on the bathroom floor. :) 5*/ y



  6. Thanks all!

    @Jordan: I had a hunch that this design might not be for everyone at the outset, thanks for the vote and input, though.

    @Firdaus: An abstract laser array or technical drawing of some sort was at the forefront of my mind for this. Similar wave lengths, I guess :D

    @dzign555: Initially, I thought “Squares, square watch design, the digits take a route through the lattice of squares. Route sounds like root, boom! square root.” The play on words seemed interesting, but may in fact be misleading. Duly noted, perhaps the name could be better ;p

    Thanks again for the votes and comments folks :)


    1. Here are some ideas:

      I like the name “Interzone”.

      The band is almost a spitting image of the 3D-Unlimited. Funky!


  7. Really like the simple linear joined up display, it looks really very cool and original, and renderings look amazingly lifelike as always (inspiring to not give up on blender :) My only quibble is that the strap looks a bit chunky but then if it came in white I would probably but one.

    I just realised I missed commenting on Pete & Sam’s Oragami watch :/ I think that a combination of the two concepts would be awesome ;)


    1. Hey Keiron, nice that origami still resonates in your mind! ;) ummm a hybrid of the two concepts would be very interesting! :D Glad to see this one doing well Cory, your due a good score! :D


      1. Thanks, Pete! Dendrogram was my highest thus far at 4.3, but my all time fav has to be Asymmetry. Analog has a special place for me.


      2. Yeah I remember asymmetry, it was very nice with the hull plating form. There was a fair amount of blue in the comments I recall. Let’s hope TF have more analog ambitions in their list of considerations! ;)


  8. The idea is nice, but I would prefer if the lines/number would be “upright” ( the crossing of lines in the middle should be flat = 4 x 90 degree )


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