Evolo – An Alternative to Kryptonic LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Heather from the USA and Tokyoflash Design Studio

Heather says: The Kryptonic LED watch design from Tokyoflash Design Studio was awesome, and very reminiscent of Predator.  According to comments, the only difficulty was time-reading (memorizing placement).

The design of the watch shown is by Tokyoflash Design Studio. EVOLO is simply a proposed alternate style of reading the time.

The hours can be read by LED segments on the left side of the panel under the beveled glass lens, and the UNLIT raised acrylic pieces show digits for minutes and seconds using Roman Numerals.

Including seconds allows for a constant cryptic alien-like movement to the display, while the hours and minutes are still very easy to read.

Those who loved the Kryptonic design would likely appreciate this easier to read alternative.

This layout also allows for an alarm function, and has the capability of displaying day and date if desired. If the watch is USB rechargeable, then it may even be plausible to have a countdown timer function.

19 thoughts on “Evolo – An Alternative to Kryptonic LED Watch Design”

  1. I loved the original. This is much easier to read, so should be more popular and hopefully get produced. Looks good with red display, but an option of the original green as well would be my choice (I would still like to see Laszlo’s Homage to Predator produced). Definitely 5*/Y.


    1. Thanks so much for your support, Nev! I agree that the green looks very nicely alien, but I wanted to provide an alternative, since the green has already been shown. I imagine if it got produced, TF would make it available in more than one color.


  2. whichever is made the result is still cool. There should be arrangement for those two methods of time telling in one design. a good alternative btw!


  3. Krytonite is by far my favourite TF design so any proposal that could help make it a reality is supported by me! Yeah your time telling method is a lot easier on my little brain without losing the original epic look. Get it made TF! 5/Y :D


    1. Hey, Pete..I totally agree. The original design was just AWESOME, but a bit complicated to read. I hope this method is popular enough that it can be brought to reality! Thanks for your vote and your comment!!


  4. I really like this design — I love the obscurity for some reason. Even though numbers can technically still be made out, it’s not conventional numbers. It’s pretty awesome! And even more so with Kryptonic! I won’t be able to decide between Evolo and Kryptonic. I might just have to get them both. 6 stars from me! And if I could vote for Kryptonic, 6 starts for it as well!


  5. I like your numbering system better, Heather, but for some reason the original design looks better to me. I think it’s got something to do with the shape of the individual segments which make up the numbering. Anyway, I’m sure this could be tweaked, so you’ve got my 5*/ Y.


  6. I like the overall look & prefer the red one. It’s somewhat easier to read than the original, because “the only difficulty was time-reading (memorizing placement).” factor is still there. The 1-3 could be the column on the left, top to bottom. The 4 could be the two bars used for the 5 and the light in the middle of the 1st column ( the one use to show the I in IX [9] )


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