Cyclone – Rotating LCD Display Watch Concept

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: The following watch design concept is for an LCD digital watch that has digits which spin / rotate around the screen in a clockwise motion. I call this design Cyclone. This watch uses an always on display: this means that the time is always being updated.

The time is displayed using LCD digits / numbers that do not remain static but spin around the watch face in order to display the time in a 24 hour format.

This watch uses digit that uses rotational animation make a change from other digital styled watch where the digits / numbers remain static.

10 thoughts on “Cyclone – Rotating LCD Display Watch Concept”

  1. I Like the idea, but I dont know how feasible it is. I imagine that the LCD would need to be pretty dense to get a fluid look to the display. An animation would have been a useful tool for this design so we could see the kind of speed the time would rotate. Would it be quite slow for easy reading or speed up and slow down when the time is needed etc?. support worthy idea 5/Y Best of luck Andrew! :D


    1. Yes I agree, but I currently don’t have a animation tool to animate my watch displays / screens at the moment.
      Could you recommend a useful free animation tool that is easy / simple to use?


      1. Yeah I use a free Microsoft Gif Animator (just google that). You just create a bunch of images (Gifs) (in this case with the numbers rotated a small amount) then add them in order and that creates a basic animation (like a flip book). The number of frames and the duartion of each allows you too get the speed at what you imagine it would be.
        Very easy to do but really helpful to describe a moving display like this.


  2. I would like to thank Tokyo flash for publishing this latest (8th) watch design concept on the Design Blog. I welcome both comments & constructive criticism about this or any other design that I have had add to the design challenge blog.
    If you wish to check my other designs please copy & paste the Following Link:


    1. I have created & submitted a Mark 2 Version of the Cyclone: Spinning LCD Watch, which feature Mode indicator symbols in the centre instead of the letters A: AM / P: PM. As shown in the diagrams shown above.


  3. The basic idea is very nice. I would prefer if all the number where vertical and the upside up. ( all like the number at 12 o’clock ) The numbers at 3 and 9 o’clock can be wider. Also, I prefer 2 buttons per side, when there is 4. I like when digital watch have +/- buttons and not just a +. Have you tried an X version ?


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