Tri-Hub Hybrid 06

Tri-Hub watch concept, 2 distinct versions.

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “Tri-Hub” and “Tri-Hub Hybrid”.

I had the idea for the original analogue Tri-Hub a while back, the  basic premise being the time would be displayed via three cylinders mounted on a centre “Hub”.

This layout give the watch an expensive and technical look. The Hybrid version is a more recent concept. I wanted to tell the time via an LCD but still using the “Hub” as the viewer.

The three cylinders on the analogue version rotate to tell the time. One cylinder tells the hours, another describes groups of ten minutes and the third displays the single minutes. The entire “Hub” assembly rotates to display seconds.

I figured that this is a complicated and therefor expensive design and decided to create the “Hybrid” version which is hopefully easy and cheaper to make.

The “Hybrid” version used three LED illuminated plastic tubes to acts as viewers for the LCD below. The viewers are connected to an analogue “hub” this rotates to display the minutes (this could be for the hours or seconds) The hours and seconds are displayed by the LCD and highlighted by the viewer (the LCD minutes can be turned on and off depending on preference)

This design has a gadgety technical feel that make appeal to people who like that type of product. The case is traditional in form so shouldn’t scare off the more traditionalists.

The time telling method and look sets this design from others. The analogue version gives the design an up-market feel. The hybrid version is more techie and may appeal to the more geekish amongst us.

46 thoughts on “Tri-Hub watch concept, 2 distinct versions.”

  1. Peter,

    I simply really LOVE the TriHub. Saw a Swiss watch once that had two rolling discs and an open structure, costing €17000. Hopefully TokyoWatch can make yours a bit less expensive. The hybrid version, little less enthousiastic, but that’s mainly because I want the orginal. Still both versions 5* and a YES!


    1. Hi Svenvonk,
      The more I learn about watches the more I realise why these kind of watches can be so expensive. Off the shelf movements dont seem to have enough power to move anything heavier than a thin plastic disc. So bespoke or more expensive movements are used which contributes to the cost. Hopefully one of these designs would be makeable with an existing movement, even if it was a more expensive movement x^^x
      Cheers for the enthusiam and the vote! :D


    1. Hi KV, Yeah the original one with the cylinders is my favorite too, but I think is the less feasible of the two.
      I cross my fingers that one is possibe x^^x Cheers for the comment and the vote! :D


  2. This reminds me of the Urwerk watches, which are ultra cool and ultra expensive (upwards of $100,000). If TF could make this without the high price tag, I’d be in like Flynn! 5*/Y


    1. Yeah I think my arch-nemisisisis of feasibility and cost will be deciding factors with these designs. Im glad you like them and the markers in the glass. Cheers for the feedback Logan! :D


  3. I ♥ ☢ nuff said, both designs are ✾



  4. Definitely intersting to look at. I like the mechanical version pretty much. I would love to own such a watch. The permanent rotation… ♥ The hypbris looks more sci-fish and my wrist sez yes. The numbers of the hybrid could be placed in an angle, not always horizontal – would like this more. For the idea and the work 5* and if the shop offers such YES.


    1. Hey Sam, Im glad you likey. Yeah putting the digits at an angle (concentic to the center of the display) to relate better to the hub viewer thingy sounds sensible, it would probably make the LCD more makeable in the process too. Cheers for the feedback and the vote sir! :D


  5. I love the mechanical variant. much cleaner and no-nonsense than Urwerks watches.
    Excellent idea to have the scale on the lens.
    Can’t wait until it is in production! 5/Y


    1. Thanks a lot Jen! I must admit I do rather like the complexity of the Urwerk designs but unless I win the lottery (would need to play the lottery also) Its unlikey they are accesible for the average Joe or Joess.
      Fingers crossed that something like this is achieveable at realistic prices.
      Thanks for the comment and the vote! :D


  6. These are HANDS DOWN the BEST designs yet! Great job Peter! TokyoFlash please listen to the fans and build both of these watches. I want them both.


  7. I like the overall look of both model. I prefer the analogue version, even if there would always be some numbers that would be upside down. But it would probably cost a lot to make & a lot to buy. The hybrid version would fit more with tokyoflash style. ( the other remind me of Urwerk style, for the hour at least ) I would buy any of them.


    1. The analogue would be the more complicated to make and would probably be too expensive, hence the MKII version. Im glad you like both versions, fingers crossed one of them is possible! :D
      Cheers for the support! :D


      1. It would also take years to make the analogue. For the cost, they could use less expensive material.

        Like : ss/aluminum band & case, not gold-coated titanium. regular plastic/glass crystal, not scratch-resistant sapphire, which can cost about a 100. The cylinders and hub could be made in plastic, not metal.

        But then the challenge would be to make it look nice and not a cheap-looking copy of a expensive watch.

        There might be only two challenges in the MKII : The rotation speed of the hub, mainly due to it’s weight, & the always changing position of the digits. ( might be, because I don’t know if it’s makeable )


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