Orbital Decay 01

Orbital Decay watch uses single 'hand' to show hours & minutes

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I was trying to think of a very simple and intuitive way of showing the time with essential a digital “one handed analogue” type of time telling format. The easiest way it seemed to do this is to have a hand moving in two directions, rotationally for one part of the time telling and towards and away from the pivot for the other. I soon realised after looking at one of my older designs “Tri-Ripple” that the most intuitive way of doing this is an expanding orbit around the pivot point. Like a satellite slowly moving slowly away from the object its orbiting.

The time telling is basically told by an ring with a (moon) icon orbiting around an axis (planet earth etc) similar to the ones used on “Tri-Ripple”.

The icon orbits around the axis one rotation per hour. After each hour the size of the ring expands like a “decaying orbit” hence the name. There are markers on the glass to highlight the hours as the ring expands and optional markers on the face to help with reading the minutes. I have based the design on LCD so to make the display less dense the icon moves at 5 minute increments, therefore there are also single minute markers which appear randomly around the screen like stars or ufos etc. The moon icon appears as a hollow ring for AM and solid for PM.

The display and time telling method are very simple and clutter free and can be read at a glance. This will hopefully make this suitable for a wide audience. The strap design is reminiscent of classic designs like “Nekura Tundra” so hopefully this will help the design appeal to old school fans. The proportions are small to allow for a unisex market and the band would be available with a multitude of finishes to appeal to the majority.

This design stands out due to its intuitive and simple time telling method which has a retro futuristic charm. The design and construction method are based on current processes which hopefully adds to the viability.

41 thoughts on “Orbital Decay watch uses single 'hand' to show hours & minutes”

    1. Thanks a lot Sam! I think the styling and proprtions etc can be improved upon but I think the time telling has some merit. I’m glad you see the potential! ;)


  1. Hi Pete,

    This is my favourite of yours for a while. I may be a little biased, because I’m currently awaiting the arrival of a Nekura Tundra in the mail – I found a website that still sells them. When I saw your watch, I immediately thought there was some Nekura influence going on. Even aside from this, the orbital concept is a winner with me.

    Good luck – 5y


    1. Thanks a lot DZ, Yeah its fair to say that the strap has a little Kekura inspiration in teh strap detail etc.
      Hopefully it will appeal to the old school fans and the new for that reason.
      Cheers for liking and cheers for the feedback!

      PS did you see my raptor design from a few feeks back?


      1. Yeah, sorry, it’s not my thing – I’m not into cars. I remember you’re a bit of a petrolhead, and that design reminds me of your other car-inspired design that looks like a wheel oozing petrol! Generally I love your designs, but those are not going to get my vote – sorry!


      2. Ahh no worries, as long as you saw it! I did a a few blank versions minus the car decals for the more purist but if its not your bag no worries! There was a nother car one that didnt hit the blog, probably for that reason. Im often told im too literal at times! ^^


      3. At the moment I’m not on FB…but I’m considering caving. I’m suspicious of social networking sites.

        I have a Youtube channel – same username, dzign555.

        You can contact me on joecitizen555 at gmail dot com and I’ll send you my real email address. It’d be good to keep in touch.


      4. Hey dz, just saw your vid review of ZONE. This watch should indicate whether the time is AM or PM when you set the alarm. I think your watch may have some sort of problem.


    1. I dunno about always hehe, I’ve had my fair share of blog bloopers! Still you cant make an omlete with out opening a packet or something like that! Cheers for the epic comment and the high five! :D


  2. This one is awesome. I like the overall look, ( I love the look of this type of band even if I don’t own one ) the scale for the hour, the 12 markers & the idea for the am/pm. The idea to radomly place the 4 single minute is very nice, but they would need to be away from the 12 markers, to not confuse us. ( they could draw the 11th circle & put them inside it )

    I would buy it ( with red lights ) and given it a 10*. ( and another GMTA : I’m currently working [ since october 10th ] on a model where the hour is told by a circle expanding every hour. The display look is totally different )


    1. Hey Makko, cheers for the great feedback! Always a good sign when GMTA is applicable, show were either on the right line or equally crazy! hehe
      Im glad you likey and cheers for the support! I look forward to seeing the design you describe! best of luck sir! :D


      1. I would have use the same kind of band, after seeing this one, because I’m looking for something out of the ordinary, but it might not be possible ( the Nekura’s are 30x30mm, mine is about 50x50mm ). I’ll try a similar one. ( hopefully it won’t be too hard with SketchUp. It shouldn’t be, but it will be my first attemp with that kind of band, and a new viewpoint ) It won’t be finish before the end of the month.


      2. Yeah this type of band offers flexibility of finish and contrast which is nice. I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to do in sketch up. Creat the basic band first, get the shape you want and then extrude the thicker edges. And then add the watch body. I’m sure it will be worth the wait! ;)


    1. Crikey compliment indeed! Im glad it appeals to the ladies too, I hoped it would be seen as unisex. Its great to see more girls commenting (and submitting) here. Cheers Maja! :D


  3. This bites the dust very soon so just wanna say a quick ta very much to anyone who took the time to vote, comment and share on this design. Cheers to TF for giving it its time on the blog and any external blogs that may have featured it on their sites.

    Cheers folks,

    Pete from the UK :D


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