Bermuda LED watch has all the answers

Design submitted by Colby from South Africa.

Colby says: With inspiration from the intrigue of The Bermuda Triangle and crop circles, coupled with the classic feel of 1960-1980′s sci-fi movies, the ‘Bermuda’ was born. My underlying principle was to use an unconventional watch shape, and include a one-of-a-kind function.

First and foremost, this watch tells the time or date using a combination of circles, rings and bars. The true selling point of this watch is an ability to produce an answer to anything you ask it! This is achieved by using LEDs which light up and spin, until landing on a response.

I’ve put together three diverse colour styles for this design, reaching out to people with radically different preferences. This design fits in as easily on a spaceship, as it does on the wrist of a corporate executive in today’s day and age.

The Bermuda is literally “the watch that has all the answers”, putting it in a category that stands out from the rest.

26 thoughts on “Bermuda LED watch has all the answers”

  1. Hello there, Colby-chan!

    This is super I LIKE! Don’t have enough time to review, but enjoy the design! Goodluck and keep coming with awesome designs! 6*


  2. Very striking design, nice simple time telling method but still looks unusual. The steel colour is my preference.
    The shape reminds me a little of one of Anders’s designs from a while back but its different in every other way so not really an issue. I like the question decider feature (Sam and I did similar on S-Line) makes a tricky decision easy, “shall I have that cookie… says yes….yay!”
    Support worth concept 5/Y Best of luck sir! :D


  3. I start with the thing I don’t like: the triangle. Right from the start I couldn’t imagine it on my wrist. I think it could be helped if the strap would become wider when it comes closer to the case. Then the triangle would seam more integrated instead like a foreign object. And since this is something, that could easily be done, my only negative point is pretty small :)

    I really like the display, it kept me looking at the watch for longer. It looks so busy but tamed – good job. Time telling is easy. The yes/no/maybe thingy is really fun. Yeah Pete :D It’s useful or at least entertaining. Pretty cool material/color selection.

    I’m still not sure about the triangle but it comes with a cool topic and a cool looking watch so definitely 5*!


    1. I’m gonna agree with this guy. If the band widened up as it got to the face, it would look perfect. Otherwise, I love the triangular design and really love the design of the band. The magic 8-ball feature is a nice touch too :p


      1. Also, would it be a crazy idea for the triangle to be flipped 180? I feel like that alone would help with making it look more integrated and natural on the wrist, even more so in combination with the band-widening point.


  4. I usually come here only when I really like something. So, I like it! I don’t usually like triangular shaped displays, but this is well done. I like that it’s mysterious, there’s something alien to it. I would buy the silver one :) Cool!


  5. Now this is a COOL watch! Stylish design, easy time-telling, plus a fun fortune teller feature. What more could you ask for in an awesome watch?
    Very nice job, Colby. I hope it becomes a reality someday :D 5/Y


  6. Colby very unique. When does this go to market I am a buyer? being from the previous generation it took me a couple of minutes to come to grips with date and time telling but, when I did my wallet was already open. My favorite is the Gold. (10 out of 10)


  7. absolutely brilliant design… A friend had me check out your design. She said it had a star wars feel to it. She wasn’t lying- C-3PO, i can see it.. however would rather buy the black and red one. Keep up the good work


  8. I love the overall look. My fav is the silver one, even tho I prefer the red light. I like the 5 minutes splitted circles. It’s giving a “gatling gun” feeling to the hours/minutes. I like the entertainment of the “ask a question” thing. ( I haven’t seen that in a long time )

    Have you considered switching the case 180 degree ? ( having the triangle pointing downward ) It might be better when using the buttons.

    Certainly a collection-grade watch. I would buy.


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