Droplet: A Ladies pendant watch.

Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

Heather says: I thought about how when drawing round objects to make them look 3D, it often helps to include a reflection on the curved surface. Inspired by this idea, and the technology used for Kisai Rogue, I developed this pendant watch for ladies, called Droplet.  On a long chain, it’s easy for the wearer to turn it around to see the time, yet still have a neat looking fashion accessory.  Other people probably won’t even realize it’s telling the time. :)

The time telling is based on traditional analog placement.  Inside larger markings for hours, outside smaller for 5 minute groups, and around the perimeter, 4 single minutes.

This pendant watch is meant for ladies of the future.  It could also be adapted as a pocket watch for men, perhaps by giving it a thick masculine chain.  Various color choices will appeal to many:  blood, water, honey, love potion, liquid luck.

This design stands out because it is telling time in an easy way, but appears to be a simple accessory.

13 thoughts on “Droplet: A Ladies pendant watch.”

  1. From far looks like tamagotchi but I do really like the exterior design. VERY UNIQUE. I think the time telling could be done better though. Still, considerable to be purchased, T&C apply. 5*


  2. This is the fist time I have posted on this site but I feel it is required: you do realise that you have designed this upside down, do you not?

    For the person wearing it to tell the time they will have to hold the pendant in their hand and twist it towards them. What they will see will be upside down of the way it normally hangs around the neck.

    Not saying; just saying…


  3. I like it, very stylish and subtle. I agree with some of the comments above. I think the orientation of the display needs rotating 180degrees. The reading would be more like a nurses fob watch which is more initiative I think. It’s only a minor detail so I still give it 5/Y best of luck! :D


  4. Thank you, to all of you, for your comments and support, as well as for the constructive criticism. :)
    Regarding the suggestion that the time-reading needs to be turned upside-down, I need to respectfully disagree. Having worn long chains before, I am familiar with the wearer’s perspective. It would not be uncomfortable at all, nor more time-consuming, to simply twist the droplet on the chain towards the wearer and view it the same way as it is seen by others. Also, the way it is now, others can read the time as well, if they know how. And lastly, it is intuitive for a “droplet” to be viewed with the narrow end at the top, so it feels more natural to me that the 12 o’clock position be at the narrow end.
    Thank you again for your support.


    1. I think you’re right. I’m wrong. BOOHOO. Just make sure the person who’s checking out the time doesn’t have bad breath!


  5. Hi, Heather. I like this concept! I don’t recall seeing anything like it on TF, but I suspect it will inspire similar liquid/reflection based designs in the future. I think you should beat them to it with more!


    1. Hey xian I’m just about to send in an idea using reflections, but it’s very different from this. It’s based on my record player watch “Hi-Five” that uses reflections to tell the time. Just thought I better say. :)


  6. I wouldn’t buy because I’m a guy. ( I might if it was a pocket watch ) But : The hour part should look less like “all over the place confetti “, but not a full circle divided in 12 equal parts. The single minute are going counter-clockwise. & all the applicable hours/5 minutes marks should be on.


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