1245 LED watch : Updated!

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: This is the new version of my previous watch

Some have suggested that more signs should I use instead of numbers. OK. I used bars instead of numbers. The signs in the first column indicates the hours and the signs of the second and third columns is the minutes. The result is even more cryptic, but easy to read if you know the solution.

20 thoughts on “1245 LED watch : Updated!”

  1. Looks fantastic Laszlo, probably my new favorite of your designs! I would need to keep the instructions on me for a little while untill I can remember the numbers etc but would be happy too. Like I suggested on other binary design would be nice if you could have a removeable transfer/sticker with the numbers on it that can be removed when the user is used to the number postions. 5/Y Best of luck sir! :D


      1. I am suggestion a non-permanent sticker. They apply a protective sticker to the faces of new watches to protect them in transit, so this protective sticker could have training numbers on it for designs that dont have numbers on them. When the user is proficient at telling the time, you simply remove the sticker.


      2. I understand, but the protective film from the corners curled up very quickly and don’t give an an aesthetic look. I tend to recommend a few minutes of practice! (This display is not too complicated, easy to get used to)


      3. I tend to support the practice. Not so difficult to read. The protective film very soon curl up at the edges, does not provide an aesthetic look.


  2. Laszlo, it is a beautiful watch. I had already given a maximum score for the first project.
    I agree with Pete, a sticker for learning to read.
    5 * / Yes, I do not change my mind.


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