16 thoughts on “Quadrats LCD watch with cryptic circular digits”

  1. I love it but it’s too similar to the Kisai X for me, just LCD’ed and rounded. Still an obvious 5* rating, just something to consider.


  2. A rounded Kisai X is exactly what was needed to win me over! Has a Eastern feel, even Art Deco. I love this, Laszlo! 5* and yes!


    1. I would only suggest adding the upper right segment to the ’4′ (when at lower right quadrant), as I suggested to Patrick for his Talking watch last week.


      1. Oooops yeah thats exactly what I meant “can’t” find much to find fault with! (blummin touch screen keyboards)
        Sorry Laszlo, cheers Xian :D


  3. A very good and simple solution to a round dial.
    Good job with the numbers .. and a touch cryptic but readable..
    I like the concept. 5 * / Y. :)
    Best of luck!


  4. hi laszlo – i like these digits, but i like them better thicker, the way you have them on the R2D2 inspired one i saw (i guess that one’s still coming soon to the blog!) this one is great too, though! nice work ;)


  5. I like one with dark background and green segment. Looking cryptic yet readable. You sure has a mass of religious voters TF should make any of your designs soon. The sales must be going very good!


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