Chainmaille watch from medieval times

Design submitted by Mark from New Zealand.

Mark says: Medieval times being one of my interests, I started a chainmaille project which led me to start replicating different chainmaille weaves in blender for fun. In doing so I messed about with trying to come up with digits and 4-1 came into being.

The digits are based on the common European four into one chainmaille armour pattern, where every ring passes through four others. I have also used this pattern to create the matching strap.  This is an always on LCD design which can come in many colour’s as shown, and for the watch body and strap I chose stainless and black options.

Hopefully this will be seen as a unisex design, the strap could come in two sizes to accommodate both men with a wider strap and larger ring size, and women with a narrower strap with smaller ring size.

This stands out for me as I have never seen a chainmaille style watch out there yet.

17 thoughts on “Chainmaille watch from medieval times”

  1. bloody hell, looks like watches for cultists… in Silent Hill… not my type as it is but I support the genre… maybe you can fix the design to appeal for more audiences. For out of the box idea. 5*.


  2. Interesting idea, for sure.

    Personally I’ve always felt that the 4-1 mail looks a little ‘loose’ (I lean more toward the 1-6 or 1-8), but it does make for some curious-looking numbers…=) They might need to be tweaked a little to make them slightly more readable (I mistook the 9 for a 4, for example), but that’s easily done.

    I’m not really a fan of the case style, I must say. Perhaps it would work better styled more like a piece of armour; looking more solid but still fitting the medieval theme? Also, I’d highly recommend some sort of backing to the strap, otherwise you’d soon lose all your manly wrist hair… Which might not be a bad thing for everyone, come to think of it…=)

    Other than these style-related quibbles, I hope it does well. It’s certainly original enough! =)


    1. The 6-1 and 8-1 patterns do look nicer as they are denser (can see a 6-1 belt amongst other stuff I made here if your interested http://www.facebook.com/ChainmailleByKv ) but the 4-1 pattern was the easiest to make digits out of since there was less rings to make each digit out of. I was going for a continuation of the ring look for the case but I do like the idea of making the case looking more like armour *opens blender* Thanks for the comments :)


      1. I like the belt, especially the buckle. Is it bought, or is it your own design? I’ve dabbled in similar things due to hanging out with people who were into LARP, but I haven’t got any uploaded photos…

        I agree that the 4-1 works best for digits, anthing denser would probably just look messy.

        You’re very welcome, glad to hear I’ve managed to say something useful! =)


  3. Very cool and very unique concept. The number system is very clever. I like Anders suggestion about the case shape being armour or maybe a shield shape. The is plenty of scope for development with this concept, 5/Y best of luck sir! :D


  4. i agree with Anders about the case, and possibly a backing for the strap…i probably wouldn’t need it, but he makes a good point about wrist hair. ;)
    i do like the look of the straps though, a lot, and the digits are quite readable.
    and i think your chain for the pocket watch is killer. :)
    you have my support! good luck!


    1. Thanks heaps for the vote Heather. Perhaps a leather backing on the strap would add to the look and add protection from the strap biting hehe


  5. I can not bring anything new and constructive so I share most of existing comments made​​.
    Good job. The best of luck!! :)


  6. This has got to be a 5 out of 5 for original thinking and clever use of chainmaille. From other comments I think you have potential to adjust this design concept many times over and still have something original. Give it a go and see what else you can come up with. The very best of luck.


  7. The idea is nice. I would prefer it if it had a leather/textile strap under it, so that hair wouldn’t get stuck in the existing band & the display transparency would be compensated by it.


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