RAD watch Analog & Digital hybrid

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: Inspired by my previous concept Gothic Eye Nirvana, this is an analog digital watch design, redefined. Contrary to its predecessor which themed superstitious, Redefined Analog Digital; RAD watch is retro techy themed with a bit element of automotive.

The time telling is divided in three,  from left to right; second, hour then minute. First you read the hour in the middle, in ordinary analog position, for example, digital hand indicating 12 analog position is 12 hour time. Then follow with minute; this is little bit tricky, but actually very easy like some of Tokyoflash watches; 5 minutes analog hand plus 1-4 minutes. Second is grouped by 10 seconds x 6 to sum up 60 seconds with additional 1-10 seconds hand in circulation. Please refer visuals provided for some examples. There is also HOME and AWAY mode for people used to travel different time zone, as well as alarm and date mode. Since the watch is LCD, there is possibility for crazy animation to be programmed to make the watch more enjoyable.

I hope this design is accepted well by community. I think it is minimal, not too conventional looking, durable and stylish.

Like many Tokyoflash designs, the face and strap of RAD is custom designed to give the watch unique identity unlike other conventional designs.

9 thoughts on “RAD watch Analog & Digital hybrid”

  1. Very cool – but I think it would look cooler if the circles would be in a triangle or tri-force design.


  2. In Australia many years ago, the word rad meant cool, and I think that this is pretty rad! (Short for radical…)


  3. Looks very nice Fir, I prefer this to the Nirvana watch. That was a little eerie looking for me, where this is more robotic and technical looking. The time telling takes a little getting used too but is pretty simple and logical when you do. 5/Y best of luck Fir! :D


  4. Hi Firdaus, beautiful design, beautiful watch.
    Small remark to me, I will love the center dials a little larger, compared to external radiation.
    5 * / Yes to all.


  5. a little to flat for my taste, almost reminds me of a remote control or medic alert bracelet, needs more flash


  6. Hey guys, sorry for not active in this blog recently, actually I’m busy, plus there’s still post general election atmosphere in my country, so I’m more concern towards other matters. BTW thank you for any feedback to my designs. And good luck to other designs submission by rest of designers. I see they are cool!


    1. Hey Fir don’t worry :)

      I must say, you had way better concepts buddy. What I don’t like most is the big unused space. This can only be tolerated for me if the little usage would look yummyumm, but it’s just okay. Still a nice approach and the time telling is not bad. Good luck in any case Fir.


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