Shard 04

Shard LCD watch with 3D display.

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: 3D Unlimited is one of my all time favourite TF designs, I really like the simple yet cryptic looking 3D shape of the numbers. I have always wanted to do a design inspired by that concept but using a 3D lens to further exaggerate the effect. “Shard” was the result.

Shard tells the time in a very simple digital format using a conventional LCD display.

The numbers are arranged with the top two digits describing the hours and the bottom two describing the minutes, this format could also describe the date. The individual numbers are formed around two faceted faces of a rectangular cube in a similar manner to 3D Unlimited, the top face of the rectangular cube could also be utilised with icons for date, alarm, am/pm etc.

The four digits are covered with a faceted 3D lens which gives the display a crystal shard like look.

This design is intended as a unisex design. The crystal like form may appeal more to the ladies. The rest of the watch is kept very simple and clutter free to make the display the main feature. The display is very simple as to make it available to a wider audience.

The simple but 3D looking display makes this design stand out from others.

25 thoughts on “Shard LCD watch with 3D display.”

  1. Nice one Pete (as usual)! =)
    I like the 3D effect, and the crystalline shape of the display elements. I’m working on something not entirely different (but sufficiently so, I hope), and it’s always interesting to see what others do with a similar idea.
    My main concern with this is that the case and the display don’t seemt o fit each other as well as they might. In this instance the case should clearly be made to fit the numbers, and it’d be interesting to see a more crystalline case. Anyway, good luck! =)


    1. Hey Anders, I know what your saying. The case should could also be crystaline in form too, to further extend the theme. I look forward to seeing your design. Cheers for the feedback sir! :D


  2. Nice way to combine LCD with the 3D lens again! The numbers look okay, unfortunately not exciting. Maybe a more irregular tesselation would work. That might also be a solution for the general number shapes and the case. I agree with Anders here too. In general I have a positive feeling about this watch. Now crossing fingers :)


    1. Comprehensive comment Sam, and I especially love the phrase “more irregular tesselation” rolls off the tongue very nicely! lol Yeah this theme/concept has room for improvement and maybe development. Cheers for the support! :D


  3. The 3D indented one is awesome

    This one.

    Very Slick, I’d buy that.

    I just ordered my first tokyoflash watches and I feel after seeing these I will start a collection.


    1. Great comment Michael, I’m glad you likey! Cheers for the compliment!
      Yeah there a few designs on the watches page and this blog I would love to add to my collection (money allowing of course!) Cheers :D


  4. Pete, the always on factor. I guess if they were USB powered, I might be tempted. I would like to see an led watch that isn’t so power hungry…


    1. I imagine low power LEDs will come about eventually or better batteries etc. maybe matrix EL sheet will be the future? Hopefully the future will be bright and energy saving! :D


  5. very nice indeed, and we need to decide what material to use for the glass/plastic. as it may break if minor accident happens.


    1. Hi Max,
      I would assume if the design was taken further that the lens would be a moulded plastic, this would allow for radiuses on the corners etc. Glass would probably be more expensive to make.
      Also there would be less concern over breakages with a plastic material, some modern plastics are very tough and durable. Cheers for the feedback sir! :D


  6. Like Anders, I like the “the crystalline shape of the display elements”. I prefer the digits position of this one compare to the 3D unlimited.

    I prefer the colored display version, because it’s standing out more than the monochrome. (I would also like red)

    I like the “ripple” effect on 3rd picture. I would buy.


    1. Cool feedback Makko! You’ve picked out the finest points. I think the concept could be improved in many ways, hopefully TF will see potential! Thanks for the support sir! :D


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