Traditional vs Modern: Tokyoflash Grandfather Clock

Design submitted by Nicholas from the UK.

Nicholas says: In a school project, I gave myself the task of designing something in the style of TokyoFlash. As I didn’t have the ability to make a watch (no high precision tools) I decided to design a Grandfather Clock. Taking partial inspiration from the Kisai Denshoku watch.

The clock face is split into three sections. The top section – twelve lights, representing the twelve hours. The middle section – twelve lights, representing  twelve five minute chunks. The bottom section – four lights representing four individual minutes. The large dividing light represents PM or AM.

Obviously, this design would not be worn. This design would be a feature part of a modern style living room, or dining room, wherever a grandfather clock may normally reside. The function is still the same, but the modern style is vastly different to tradition.

It can be seen that there are very few, if any, light based Grandfather clocks. The concept of this design is individual and distinct from any product out there. This design takes the feel of TokyoFlash watches and places it easily into home life.

25 thoughts on “Traditional vs Modern: Tokyoflash Grandfather Clock”

  1. Excellent work Nicholas! This is a very unique clock for someones home.
    - I bet many people would pay a lot for something like this!


    1. Thank you so much! I really did nit know what people would think of my clock, I’m just overwhelmed that people like it so much!


  2. Oh yeah, I think it would be cool if Tokyoflash take a step into a bigger scale. I like this monolithic cuboid with these time telling gaps. Very nice! Wood and orange go well together and I’m sure other material and color combinations would rock too. The GFC would make a good piece of funiture if the room is big enough and rather clean, not messy. 5*/YES and good luck Nicholas!


  3. Nice work Nicholas! Very cool, reminds me of the element stones from the film “the fifth element” nice too see some craft work on here! Now where’s my cheque book?! 5/Y Welcome to the blog sir! :D


  4. Good Nicholas, originality is the first in the size of the project, very friendly.
    Very good idea!
    Is your prototype works with synchronized lights like a real clock?
    5 * and Yes, it is always good the originality.


    1. I did design and make a while circuit for it, and wired all the less, but unfortunately I’m not so good at electronics so couldn’t get it working :/ i wish i could have got it going! Tha ks for the 5 stars!


  5. That’s a nice clock. I would prefer if the 4 single minutes where integrated to the 5 minute blocks. Based on the 1st pic, it should be shorter ( like 6 feet max ).

    Others suggestions would be too make them go clockwise or use the left column for the hour & the right column for the minute. ( top to bottom )

    Multiple material can be use. 1 thing that is nice with wood is that it can be stained or painted.


  6. I don’t really like Denshoku, but this looks great. I think the wood and orange lights would work well together in the clock.
    Don’t think I could persuade my wife to have one in our house (she doesn’t like my watches, but doesn’t have to look at those). However, this is definitely 5*


  7. Congrats on the publication of this home grandfather clock concept. It looks like a relief decorated column that has come out of a temple. This would look great in an Eastern: Chinese / Japanese themed room of House. I think it would look great if other materials such as Black (IP) like the monolith in science fiction classic 2001 A Space odyssey. Furthermore how about a smaller bed side / desk side alarm clock version.


    1. I did think about doing a smaller version, that could be easier to produce etc. Might have been easier to make a prototype by hand too haha!


  8. Wow, great to see some bigger-box thinking. =) I think this’d work great as a piece of furniture in the right home (I find myself coming up with ideas for wall clocks now…) The only gripe I have with it is that I’d prefer if there were 10-minute groups instead of 5-minute groups (to aid readability), but that might scupper the symmetry of the layout you have going on… It’s mostly a matter of taste anyway. =) Top marks!


    1. Cheers :) i did have quite a few different ways to tell the time but i settled on this one for the symmetry as you mentioned haha


  9. I didn’t get a chance to put in the notes about the clock that my name i made for it was The Totem2, it was the second totem design id made haha, I’m astounded by the positive feedback, I’ve got to thank everyone who rated this design highly, thank you all :) you’ve made my dad! Haha


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