Spin LCD watch with themed analogue displays.

Design submitted by Dimitar from Bulgaria.

Dimitar says: A concept LCD design with a many circles. The timing interface that shows hours, groups of 5 minutes and single minutes 1-4. The 5 minute intervals change their color on every second.

7 thoughts on “Spin LCD watch with themed analogue displays.”

  1. Nice simple design with straight forward time telling. I think that a monochrome version would be nice with a mirrored or metallic LCD. The coloured ones look too “fun” for me. A silver display would look more classic and serious. Minor subjective detail anyways. Support worthy design 5/Y Best of luck! :D


  2. Hi Dimitar, I love the screen with these geometric designs. The second active constantly interfere a little calculating 5 x 1 minutes, but this is not very important.
    5 * / Yes, nice work!


  3. Hello Dimitar! For me personally there is too much going on on the display… circle segments that form a big circle, small circles that overlap and are partially filled by more circles or circle segments, the umbrella shape and then the single minute areas. It’s an inconsitent and busy display for me. The X watch was great. One sort of shape, one sort of placement rule, a bit harder to read but looking stylish. Well Dimitar, you seem to have a creative mind so I’m looking forward to seeing more of your ideas. Good luck!


  4. The display is interesting. I like the “poker chips” appearance of the 5 minutes segments. I like the constant animation. I would prefer if the 5 min & hours parts where inverted, so that you don’t have to ignore the hour when you pass from the 5 min to the single minute.


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