HM Letters Tell Time

Design submitted by Andy from Ukraine.

Andy says: I decided to design a classic analog watch including some unique features, new arrows style is used in it.  I tried to join classic and untraditional designs.

Arrow “Hours” is stylized as a letter “H” and arrow “Minutes” is stylized as a red letter “M”.

It’s a new way to tell the time for traditional analog mechanical watches.

16 thoughts on “HM Letters Tell Time”

  1. Hi, Tokyoflash team and everyone!
    Thanks for post my concept watch. Please change the images- these are stretched, please add an original images.


  2. Hi Andy,
    The images look normal if viewed on the mobile theme yet stretched in regular theme, strange.
    That aside the watch looks very nice and simple with a classic look. Am I correct in thinking that the time example 13:37 should 07:04 or 19:04 or can you choose which end of the hand tells the time? Either way pretty cool 5* :D


    1. Hi, Pete!

      Thanks for you comment. Yes, you are right. It’s my big mistake! 13:37 please tell as 19:04 or 07:04. Thanks and good luck


  3. Yes. So simple. I like red/white/black. The background looks a bit like a record… also nice :) Yes to analog, yes to simple, yes to the color scheme, yes to simplicity.


  4. Funny idea, Andy.
    The native image size is 1024 x 780. The HTML img-tag scales it down to 760 x 760 pixels while loosing proportion.


  5. Very nice, Andy! Another ‘why didn’t I think of that’ for me. Simple elegance. Perhaps an / on the end of the second hand? 5*/y!


  6. I like the diameter-wide hands. I like that the letters are on the hands. ( normal analog watches are too much trouble for me because I always forget which hand is what. ) I would prefer if the H hand was as long as the M hand since they are in different colors & if the H was closer to the extremity. I like the “vinyl record” look of the dial. It would be nice to have markers. ( perhaps minor scratches on the “record” )

    A simple, elegant, dress-watch that I would buy.


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