ZIPR watch with interlocking LED’s is fashionable & functional

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: The inspiration for ZIPR came a long time ago when I was working on a hexagon binary watch concept that used transparent plastic blades to guide LED light. I thought about segmentation and interlocking back then but I forgot about the idea until recently.

I like the look of interlocking segments when executed in a simple way. The zipper look on a bigger scale has a fashionable appeal that I wanted to translate into the straps, the case and the display.

My goal was to create an all-around-the-wrist pattern that makes the watch look cool when off.

When activated, segments on both sides light up to tell the time. On the left side are the hours and the PM indicator. There is space left for a date indicator. On the right side in a different color are the 10-minute increments and the single minutes. So it’s just a matter of counting.

Maybe each third segment could flash to ease up counting or some small indicators could be added. But I liked to keep it smooth and simple on the borders while being mesmerizing in the center.

There is this steampunky ambiguity between the fashion element zipper that bears a slight resemblance to lace on one hand and the technical look of an element that gets repeated again and again on the other hand. The ZIPR is a watch for the moder geeks who like to mix fashion with technology.

38 thoughts on “ZIPR watch with interlocking LED’s is fashionable & functional”

  1. Great idea and wonderful presentation. (again)
    … just the counting …
    I wish there was at least one discrete indicator at 6 o’clock.
    Good luck Sam!


  2. It just misses an indicator to ease the time lecture as Laszlo said. For the minutes ,I think it would be easier to have them in “pack” of five, like 5 on the left and 4 on the right, just so you wouldn’t need to turn your wrist to count to 9. but it’s a great looking watch, sober, clean.. german ;)


    1. The packing idea is interesting. I see what you mean about turning the wrist. Maybe a shorter display would be easier to read indeed. I personally like when it’s longer. In the end it must be feasable. I’m glad you like the look of it – that’s the selling part haha. Thank you for your thoughts Ramiro!


  3. Smashing looks, so that’s par for the course…=) I’m not a great fan of the ‘hours stacked on top of each other’-type display, so from that standpoint I’m not crazy about it. The colours and the general look, though; great stuff! Best of luck with it!


    1. Thank you Anders for the insight! I see what you mean and I understand :) I took the most simple type of display so when one is through with the first impression, the 2nd impression is not despair hehe.


  4. Very nice, Sam. There’s something about 2 different color adjacent raised LEDs that I really like; perhaps reminds me of the crystals in Superman’s ice castle or the crystals in the pylons in Land of the Lost (TV). Please do more of this nature, as I don’t have the rendering prowess as of yet. 5*/y!


    1. Yes you are right about the buttons!! I’m so cheeky sometimes xD

      Mhh nice associations Chris. I like when images work this way. Now that I see that you would like more of this nature, I think I just had an idea! Oh yes…

      I’m not sure if the rendering fun is necessary but it helps to make people drool. If one is openminded enough, a line drawing would suffice I think.

      Thanks a lot Chris!


  5. I don’t think flashing segments would look right, so I’d go for markers at 3, 6 & 9 for both the hours and the single minutes, to ease reading. Looks great. 5*/Y


  6. O! you are beautiful watch. I don’t need to understand you, enough with your beauty, I admire you, I want you, I want you to be mine. Now, take my hand and be one with me so I can enjoy your beauty in the night, of inspiration. Truly yours.


  7. Looks really nice Sam, but I can’t get your Union Watch out of my Head. No Tokyoflash watch could get me to the point where I buy one, but the Union stays in my head for over a year.


    1. Oh that’s cool Trayo! The Union has a special place in my head too. It’s easy to make I think and you can do more with the display than I show (alternatives are always nice). And the time reading is fun :D Thanks for the comment!!


    1. “Would be great if we would do it” <– there, I fixed it :D

      Hi Toky, thank you for the comment! I'm glad if the pattern pleases hehe. If I look at my Tenmetsu, that thickness would be just fine. But even my thicker Online is fine since it was shaped nicely.

      Keep up the nice work Toky!!


  8. I like the overall look. I like the effect when it’s off. I like that the 10′s & 1 min go from the top/bottom & meet in the middle. I prefer the idea to make every 3rd lights flash vs markers. I would buy.


  9. Now that was fun :D Thank you everybody for your nice and constructive comments! Stay tuned here or on my page (click my yellow name) for news!

    Timey wimey regards,
    Sam from Germany


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