Single hand analog watch

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

Anders says: A few weeks ago, I misread the wall clock at work. A colleague remarked that this blog has made me incapable of reading ordinary clocks, and I made some jokes about how weird a watch needs to be for me to be able to tell the time. One joke was that it can’t have two hands. That thought stayed, and I decided to make something of it.

This concept has a single, two-pointed hand. The short end tells the minutes just like a standard analog watch, and the long, thinner end shows the minutes against a ring which rotates to match the current minute indicator against the hand.

This design probably appeals more to a slightly older professional, with its metal body, understated but quirky, offset styling. More funky colours and more modern materials could very well broaden the appeal.

The almost-but-not-quite-analogue time telling of this design is without a doubt its main selling point. From a distance it looks rather ordinary, but once you look closer there’s more to see.

19 thoughts on “Single hand analog watch”

  1. Typo in the second paragraph – the short end tells the hours, not the minutes. The case is too bulky for me, but if that reduced, I’d definitely want one of these. Good luck. 5*/Y


    1. Yes, so it is. It would probably be a good idea to proofread stuff you write at half past one in the morning… Must remember that…=)

      Thanks for the support Nev!


  2. Wooow that’s spooky! I had a very similar idea a while back that never got passed the sketch stage. I then used a very similar double ended hand in a recently submitted design (different time telling tho) GMTA really do think a like! ;) I like your direction with it, reminds me of a Swiss army product for some reason. I can imagine it looking good as a dog-tag or key fob too. Hopefully this is doable with a regular movement and some kind of gearbox to power the minutes at the appropriate speed etc. 5/y best of luck sir! :)


    1. Either that, or my mind-reading ray is WORKING! BWAHAHaaa… Ermm… sorry, couldn’t resist…=)

      I’ve seen the same sort of double-ended hand not too long ago (can’t remember who by, though), but that was only used for the hours.

      I had the idea of making it a pocket-watch, but ran out of steam when I was modelling it, then forgot to mention it in the description. Go figure…

      Hopefully the mechanics don’t need to be too complex. The only difference is that the minutes need to rotate at 5.5 degrees anti-clockwise per minute, instead of six degrees clockwise… If my maths are correct…


    2. Well Pete, Anders believes already know the taste of the old people and now, can you imagine that the Swiss are not modern? Between us, this is a funny day? ah ah ah


      1. Hmm, there’s an idea in there for a triangular watch…

        But I don’t think a flatpack watch would be a hit… You’d need to find an Allen key every time you wanted to know the time…


  3. I’m anything into something that I see as artistic and I this design has it. Definitely consider buying so it’s 5/y from me. I like the simple clean face of it and where you put the analog movement on the bottom right make it distinguishable from any one handed watches I ever seen. And using roman numbering even make it more classic, in good way ofcourse. Good job and goodluck 2u Anders!


  4. Hi Anders, just like you, when I look at a standard analog watch, I almost find it difficult to read the time.
    I find your idea really good. 5 * and Yes, great idea!
    (At about the taste of older people, you know they were born at the time of Pop Art, Art synaesthetic or Conceptual Art, they like the difference and modernity, more than you could imagine it, ah ah ah.)


    1. Fortunately for me, mis-reading clocks are a rare occurrence, but this time it produced something worthwhile…=)
      Thanks for the vote and thumb!


  5. I like the overall look. It’s kinda like a belt buckle & look vintage (both positive things for me). It’s also hard for me to read 2-hand watch/clock so this type would be good. I like the 1 hand & turning disk combo.


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