Watch design displays small and big time digits

Design submitted by Andy from Ukraine.

Andy says: I decided to realize a watch based on “in home” principle. Here is using “small” minutes digits and “big” hours digits.Minutes digits are placed in bottom cell in hours digits. It’s easy to tell the time for users when you know how to tell the time.

14 thoughts on “Watch design displays small and big time digits”

  1. Looks very classy with a retro futuristic feel. Probably a bit more main steam than other submissions on the blog but should have mass appeal. Nice work sir 5/Y :D


  2. I like this. It looks best when the hour digits wrap around the minutes. Different enough to fit in the TF catalogue. good luck and 5*/Y


  3. Simple, elegant, stylish, looks good when off. I would have liked the middle segments of the inner numbers to be below the middle (like the middle segments of the big numbers are above the middle) to give it more “strangeness”. Why do the big numbers have to many little segments? Maybe for animation?


  4. Pretty much what Sam said, I like the styling, though it’s on the verge of being too ‘Apple’-y for my taste…=)

    Good luck with it!


  5. I’m not a fan of digits in digits but I like the arcade look given by the confetti/pixel hours & divided bars minutes. The overall look of the watch is good.


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