Full solar watch continuously activates LED

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: With the help of the sun, the “Full-Solar-Watch” is a watch with a large solar panel which makes it possible to activate LED continuously.The “Full-Solar-Watch” with a large solar collector, working on until the lithium battery becomes weak, this time she goes to sleep until such time as the light source is sufficient to reactivate “Always on”. It can be recharged via a USB cable, if necessary. Enabling “always on” can be disabled depending on the chosen program. The time is indicated by a vertical or horizontal scanning by first hour and then the minutes. A choice of successive animations scroll depending on the chosen program, a button displays the time immediately. AM – PM. Displays the time and date. Alarm mode.

For men and women. The “Full-Solar-Watch” because of its LEDs “always one”, does not leave anybody indifferent in your immediate entourage).

The “Full-Solar-Watch” is the first LED watch running “Always on” (to my knowledge?)

25 thoughts on “Full solar watch continuously activates LED”

  1. Hello Patrick! This is super awesome idea, and I’m shame to tell you that I have one a such in ques ;-) but still in my sketch. Now I get an idea how I can have a bond with you, hopefully I can send you an email soon for details ;-)

    Back to this design, I’m not sure if I missed any time telling example here but design (and idea) wise, I give it 5/Y full support.

    Congrats for making it to be the first always on LED watch in this blog (to my knowledge?).

    Best regards!


      1. I also sent an animation in h.264 for my Crimson design but didn’t get published, but my Metaphor animation sent in gif animation format was published as Youtube video. So I guess TF might prefer gif animation or you provide them link of your streaming animation so they can embed it here.

        Saw your animation. Pretty cool, Yes, no explanation needed. So the mystery solved.

        The only mystery that is still unsolved here is the mystery votes but don’t worry I’ll hit another 5*/Y for you because I can buy two of these during future Black Friday.



  2. Very nice idea Patrick! Has a very cool unusual look. Like Fir I struggled to see how the time would be described, I presume there is four 7 segment digits being divided by the chrome details? Either way support worthy idea! Now we just need the sun to come out and play ;) 5/Y best of luck sir :D


  3. Love the idea and the display is cool too.
    A watch for the sunshine, unlike my Seven, which is unreadable in strong sunlight and best indoors.
    I would definitely go for this if it can be made. Good luck and 5*/Y


    1. Hi Nev, thank you for your comment and your vote. Indeed, the dial of reading of the hour is located on the section not to be parasitized by the ray of the sun.
      Well considering Nev!


    1. Hi Lloyd, thank you for your vote, I knew that it was not a watch as you like them, with a deciphering of the more subtle hour, it’s even nicer to have vote for me.


  4. Luv it! The animation reminds me of Neutron… Easy to read! Using solar power to charge the watch is a great idea! I hope it becomes reality! 5*/Y


  5. Nifty! I like the solar cells, and the thin display feels fresh. Might be a bit bulky for my taste, PV cells tend to need some space to produce any useful power… I’d like to see it made, though, the concept is intriguing. =)
    best of luck!


    1. Hi Anders, thank you for your comment and your vote.
      The dimensions of this watch are those of a standard watch, because when I build a project, I pay attention to this requirement.
      Does the shape of the dial continuing in bracelet perhaps give this impression of big size?


  6. I like the idea to use solar power to have always on LED’s. I like that it’s a digital (with the pictures I believe it was a multiple phases with bars). I like the 2nd & 3rd scroll. I like that the display is curved.


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