12-5-9 format sci-fi LED watch design

Design submitted by Albert from the USA.

Albert says:  I liked the concept of the 12-5-9 format, and I thought that it would be interesting to have 3 distinct ‘faces’ that could be read at a more acute angle, and not require much turning of the wrist. The format also lends itself to a more Sci-Fi like mystique, as well as providing an interesting profile.The face is broken into 3 distinct, individually angled faces. The top face denotes the hours 1 thru 12, and includes a pm indicator also. The middle face, shows minutes in 10 minute increments, 10 thru 50. The bottom face reflects the minutes in 1 minute increments, 1 thru 9.

This design has a more masculine look, but with the potential for different colored LED combinations, material finishes, and the optional Pendant clasp/band inserts, the ladies may enjoy the piece on a neck chain, and for those that do not want to wear it on the wrist, the same clasp can double as a Pocket-Watch attachment for a Fob chain.

This design stands out because it has many variations/combinations for the wearer, the multi-faceted display, the user defined color scheme capability, and the ease of USB recharging.

17 thoughts on “12-5-9 format sci-fi LED watch design”

  1. Thank You TF for posting my design to the Blog!!
    I appreciate the opportunity, and look forward to any responses and helpful ideas from the awesome group
    of individuals who routinely frequent the Blog…



  2. I like the idea and the industrial look. Reminds me of computers in old sci-fi films.
    The shape would allow a range of versions. Maybe the three facets could have interchangeable lenses so you could customise. Nice work sir, best of luck! 5/Y :D


    1. Hi Pete… thanks for your input. I had considered 3 small lenses over the faces (or possibly one large one that clips
      on over the entire top face… hmmm) which would make the top a smooth surface, and also hide the displays…
      very doable in different colors or shades depending on the finish selected.

      I only wish I could have given it a nice realistic rendering…
      (I am learning how to uses rendering program, so hopefully my next offering will be more worthy :)


      1. Fancy renderings do help communicate the idea or finished look but aren’t everything. The idea should be the star of the show. This idea has merit and room for development ;)

        If CAD isn’t your thing, Photoshop (other graphic programmes are available lol) can be used to good effect.
        Before I learned a CAD programme I used to be able to create rendering quality images in Photoshop alone.
        Mushy’s submissions are mostly Photoshop and they look great. Its another avenue :D


      2. Thanks for taking the time to help out Pete… I have Cheetah, which I think will help a lot, I just need to learn
        how to use it! :)


    1. Thanks ‘DZ’… I think the 2D drawings make it more busy that it would actually be… going to learn a 3D rendering program to may be help bring it more realistic lines and LEDs.


  3. Interesting idea, Al. I for one like the renderings, good to see something a little ‘sketchy’ for a change. =) One tip, though, would be to not mix the style of the images quite so much.

    The watch itself looks interestingly retro, reminds me a little of a couple of older TF watches. The display should work, although I have to admit it doesn’t wow me. Perhaps use more consistent shapes for the different groups? The hours are all rectangles for example, and the circles in the single minutes might be substituted for hexagons. Could the 10-minute LEDs be circles, or rounded rectangles? Just a thought. Good luck with it, I look forward to seeing more from you.


    1. I thought the different shapes wold give it more interest, and make it more cryptic… but I hear where your coming from, and appreciate your vision. I will need to work on it, and more!


  4. Great Job Al!!! The design looks very unique and mysterious, gives you the feeling like you’re part of a secret mission. High 5 and 5*/y.


  5. I like the hour and single minute lights shape. I don’t like the shape of the 10′s minutes lights. I like that the lighting sequence doesn’t simply go left to right but seem to be random. I like the “unit modes” lights shape as a symbol. I like that the case has angles instead of being flat. (it would also work) The sci-fi look is nice. I like the pocket watch option.


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