HIROBA wristwatch : The squares of time.

Design submitted by William from Norway.

William says: This project all started on a sticky note when I saw a QR code in a magazine…

I did not want to create a design with written numbers and I wanted to develop a design with the appearance of complexity but that is very simple in reality.

An animation shows the way you tell the time. Very easy to understand, very easy to get used to.

My watch based on the square shape will particularly fit every people who does not have a squared mind.. ;-)

With a way of telling the time that is so simple for everyone but so weird for the profane who does not have the decrypt key, I think that this help to make my design stands out from other designs.

22 thoughts on “HIROBA wristwatch : The squares of time.”

  1. very interesting way of telling the time. and easy with a short training. otherwise I would like to see how the watch looks like on a woman s wrist? 5y anyway because it is very seldom to see a totally new system to tell the clock.best of luck.


  2. Very nice! I like the Dark wood one best.
    But you have a mistake in the video “What time is it?”, donĀ“t you? In the last area are 6 squares, so it should read 20:46, not 20:45, or did i miss something?


    1. LOL, you are right! The reason why you should never work on a project until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning!

      I hope that people will understand the concept anyway!

      thanks for the note. :)


  3. Very nice looking design with intuative time telling. Cracking presentation again (your putting the rest of us to shame)
    My only suggestion would be to maybe make the four quarters 12 squares each. That way you could still use your time telling methods as it stands and have an extra time telling mode using the analogue positions for each digit (if that makes sence) so each quarter of the display could show the analogue position for that part of the time.
    Either way very nice work 5/Y Best of luck sir! :D


  4. my watch has been classified in the 12-5-9 category. I would have created a new category for the principle I came up with because my project really has not NOTHING to do with a 13-5-9 system. let s call my principle a 4×10 system.


    1. I swear you on whatever you wish that I did not know about your project. I am quite new to the blog snd I have not taken the time to review in detail the 800 or more projects posted before.


      1. if ever this project gets lucky to be chosen, you never know, (it is allowed to hope) and after I have checked your previous project, I think that it would be fair to share credits and all the rest 50/50.

        But I really got shocked to see that your principle and mine were exactly alike! I hope that my next project based on lines will not be a repetition of something I do not know about.

        cheers :)


      2. It’s not a big deal, William – it has happened on this forum so many times, it’s not funny. My triangulation project had strong similarities with another project that I had no idea about.

        Cyclops is more focused on the colour-coding, while yours is focused on the up-down square coding. My watch has the latter as an option.

        Anyway, I’m sure if Tokyoflash puts the up-down square coding watch into production we’ll both want a piece of royalty pie!! LOL :) Let’s hope it happens.


  5. Good take on a simple but cryptic time telling principle. I particularly like the modes, seems a good way to bring some action to a display that’d be in danger of looking boring without it. God tur! =)


    1. I ended up to the same conclusion when it was static… and I had to check how to make gif files to make my point clear concerning the dynamic mode.


  6. I think it looks really cool William, but I do wish the time telling was a bit more unique. Having said that I really like the way the display changes even when the time hasn’t. I’d probably buy it. Good luck. ;)


    1. When I try to come up with a new system to tell the time, it is not always easy to find the correct balance between “Boring/exciting” and “too easy to read/too difficult to read”.
      I guess that the balance of these 2 important parameters is quite good here and is more unique than the now classic “12-5-9 system”. Well it is my opinion, and of course, I may be wrong and maybe it is not unique enough… Anyway, soon, I have a project that should pop up on the blog. It is a variation of the system I use here, maybe this project will meet the concept of UNIQUE as you mention it here. I am impatient to show it to you. :) :) :)

      By the way, I like people who think outside of the box ;)

      Cheers! :)


  7. It’s cool that you found another way to use a 3×3 dot matrix to tell numbers. There have been several attempts in this blog (including one from me) and an new idea is always nice. The most critical part I see is, in the end it’s just a bunch of squares. There is nothing unexpected when you look at the watch at a random time of the day. What I like is the hard mode. That’s really an innovation and that justifies the whole concept. I thought about it for a little while and I think at a certain price I would get me this watch. Good Luck and keep your ideas coming!!


  8. I like the time telling method. The LCD screen is a bonus.

    I’m currently working on a similar idea, which is not a modified copy of this one, or even inspired by it. It would be nice if it was published even tho there’s been a few attempts with 3×3 grids & this one was published about 4 weeks before I started mine, which was in my sketchbook for about 6 months.


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